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Duking It Out: RHOA Recap

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 8

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Question: What does Kandi’s daughter Riley think about her mom’s tagline where she says her new baby will be her biggest hit yet? OUCH! #thatsgottahurt

Back at Cynthia’s sunglasses party, Kenya and Sheree’s fight ends almost immediately. Kenya bows out as gracefully as she knows how to, saying “Sorry for calling you a b*tch ass!” and peaces out of the party.

This did not need to be a cliffhanger, Bravo. But thanks for trying. 

Meanwhile, Peter is still trying to be the newest Housewife and make the party drama all about himself. He tells Cynthia that Kenya offended him by bringing up the video in which he groped (but did NOT hook up with) a random woman at the bar. Sorry, buddy, but Cynthia’s right– deal with it.

Sheree tells the ladies that she’s reformed, y’all. Peter storms out of the party. And that’s a wrap on Cynthia’s semi-fabulous soiree at the Hilton Garden Inn. 

Cut to the next day when Kenya visits Facts of Life actress Kim Fields (Tootie) in her office. The two share some laughs and a conversation where Kenya pretends she’s also a successful Hollywood actress and Kim gives her blank stares.

Kenya is ostensibly here to get advice for her Life Twirls On pilot. In return for Kim’s expertise, Kenya promises to take her out on the town and get her all the Kahlua and milks money can buy!

Cynthia Skypes with her business partner about their successful(?) sunglasses line launch and Cynthia breaks down in tears. Peter was already headed back to Charlotte when Cynthia got home last night, so…things are not going great.

Porsha is also a Businesswoman and she is on the way to “higher heights.” Her latest venture? Lingerie.

Porsha’s “business partners” (her sister and friend) are nervous that Porsha will flake on the business stuff if anything goes wrong with her relationship with Duke. ‘Cause she’s mature and responsible. Porsha thinks that if they just meet Duke, they will know that he is the real deal.

Sheree goes shopping with Kandi. Kandi tries to explain that Kenya just rubs people the wrong way. Not me– I like Kenya!

Also rubbing Kandi and Sheree the wrong way is the old news that Phaedra distanced herself from Kandi and became BFF with NeNe. 

Cynthia and Phaedra have tea together. Phaedra disguises her intentions as wanting to lend a sympathetic ear to Cynthia during her time of need (a.k.a. her time of her husband publicly embarrassing her), but really she is just calling attention to the fact that Peter and Cynthia’s marriage is crumbling just like hers and Apollo’s did.

We meet Kim Fields’ family: husband Chris and sons Sebastian (8) and Quincy (2). They seem normal so far. Kim says balancing work and home is a struggle. Yawn.

Team Kandi meets to discuss Kandi’s current projects and restrictions now that she’s pregnant. All Todd wants to know is when he’s gonna get his $8,000 from Phaedra. I’ll go with NEVER. 

Over at Porsha’s mansion that she most likely can’t afford, she is preparing for the Duke unveiling. Her sister, her mom, and her grandmother are all getting ready. Oh wait, what’s wrong with Porsha’s sister Lauren?

“I’m expecting,” says Lauren. Wow, WAY TO STEAL PORSHA’S THUNDER. 

Oh my God. This is a surprise party? And Porsha has people dressed as cheerleaders. This is too much.

Duke is like, How do I get out of here? Especially when Porsha’s mom asks if they are “on the fast track.”

As Duke’s friend Ken (apparently a wise man) says, “Damn, she’s a lot, bro.”

Yes. Yes she is. 

Porsha then gives Duke an M.V.P. award because he’s the Most Valuable Person in her life. 

This party is embarrassing me and I’m not even there. Poor Duke. Poor everyone. There is NO WAY these two are still together, right??

And finally, Kandi and Phaedra have a sit-down to discuss the following:

  • Kandi’s hurt that Phaedra said that NeNe was the only one there for her last year.
  • Phaedra doesn’t like the fact that Kandi and Todd are housing Apollo’s motorbike and 4-wheeler while he’s in jail.
  • Phaedra owes Todd $8,000. (Or possibly only $5,000, if we listen to Phaedra.)
  • Phaedra doesn’t appreciate Kandi mouthing off about how Apollo’s kids should visit him in jail.

VERDICT: Phaedra needs to pay Todd his money and the ladies need to start fresh, which they do by hugging it out.

And then DonJuan gives Kandi his opinion and he’s actually kinda right. Why is Kandi the one doing all the apologizing when Phaedra wasn’t there for her during all her problems like the Mama Joyce stuff and Todd’s mom dying??

And speaking of Mama Joyce…I’m starting to think that there’s something to the rumor she spread about Todd messing around with Carmen. The vibe Carmen gave off in the Team Kandi meeting last night bothered me. If I were Kandi I’d keep an eye on those two. Anyone else get that impression?

Next week: Cynthia and Todd discuss divorce. Thank God. 

Image courtesy of Bravo.

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