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DIY Platform Swing

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DIY Platform Swing
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When my husband was looking for a swing, he had a few requirements in mind…

He wanted a swing that both kids (a four-year-old and a two-year-old) could fit on at the same time, so there would be no fighting over it.

He also wanted the swing to be lightweight, so that if it hit one of the kids, it wouldn’t really hurt them.

Finally, he wanted it to be relatively inexpensive.

He found this Multi-Children Swing on Amazon, but the price was a bit steep.

The Swing-n-Slide Monster Web Swing was another option, but he ultimately wanted a rectangular platform and not a circular one. (Plus, I like how our platform doesn’t have holes in it, like the webbing used for that one.)

So, as he tends to do frequently, when he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted he decided to build it himself. Now you can make a DIY Platform Swing, too…for much cheaper than the ones on Amazon!

Here is what the finished DIY Platform Swing looks like in action:


-(2) 10 foot lengths of 1-inch Schedule 80 white PVC pipe

-1-inch PVC 90 degree corners

PVC cement & PVC primer (a.k.a. purple primer)

100 feet of hollow braided poly rope (length dependent on how high your tree is)

75-100 yards of 1-inch nylon webbing

pop rivet tool and 1/2 inch pop rivets


1. Use a hacksaw to cut PVC pipe into four pieces, two that are 45 inches and two that are 32 inches. (Those are just the sizes we used. You can customize it to any size you want, really.)

2. Put PVC primer on the mating surfaces of the PVC piping and the PVC corners.

3. Apply glue to the mating surfaces and attach corners onto piping. Be sure to work quickly, because the glue will dry in 60 seconds. Take care that you put the piping and corners together so that the frame lays flat.

4. Drill a 1/8th inch hole on the frame, 1/2 inch away from the corner on the short side.

5. Attach the nylon webbing to the frame in this manner: Fold an inch of the webbing over itself. Push the pop rivet through the overlapping webbing piece you just folded. Use the pop rivet tool to attach this to the hole that you drilled in the frame.

6. Follow the diagram to weave the webbing, first horizontally starting at pop rivet #1 and ending at pop rivet #2.

DIY Platform Swing 1


7. Next, weave it vertically starting at pop rivet #3 and ending at pop rivet #4.


DIY Platform Swing 2


8. To attach the swing to a tree branch, we used two larks head knots, one on either side of the swing. Insert handle bar if wanted (it’s optional).

My kids are obsessed with this swing. It’s all they want to do when we go in the backyard. It was a time-consuming project (the weaving of the webbing took the longest), but well worth the effort.

It’s even good for napping!


Doesn’t that look comfy?

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19 thoughts on “DIY Platform Swing

  1. I really, really like the way that your swing turned out. I have been wanting to get one of these in my backyard as well, but I have found that they are really expensive. I love that all you used was essentially PVC pipe and Poly rope. It really is a simple way to build a swing, however, it is big enough and lightweight enough to ensure an all around good and safe time. Thanks for the insight and instructions, I will definitely be using this in my backyard swing construction.

  2. 50 yards wasn’t enough. Need 75-100 yards of 1″ nylon webbing. It is fun for the kids to play on.

  3. What do you think the weight limit would be? My daughter is older but would love this. Could it support an adult?

    1. I don’t think it would support an adult. I weigh about 115 and you could feel the swing sagging if I tried to sit on it. My husband thinks up to 100 lbs., but there are ways to make it hold a greater weight. If you use larger PVC pipe, then you add to the weight of the swing and the weight the swing can hold.

  4. Hi! I absolutely love this DIY swing and I want to make one for my 3 and 4 year old. We are on a tight budget right now and I was wondering if you could tell us about how much this project costed total. Thanks!

    1. My husband got all the materials for around $50-75. Depends where you order from or if you get it at a local hardware store and don’t pay for shipping!

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