Counting Down to Moving

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Moving is stressful. I knew that going into this. But last week I finally felt like things were under control.

The house was slowly but surely getting packed up. We had our move-out/move-in dates established. I had made my last big grocery order.

Then we found out that our closing was getting pushed back two weeks and all my plans got shot to hell!

It could be worse…it’s not like we need to be in Virginia in order for my kids to start school or anything (they’re just going to preschool). All the delay amounts to is an inconvenience. 

Thankfully, we are using PODS to move all of our stuff and not a moving van, which would have meant that we had to reschedule the movers.

With a POD, the company delivers a storage container to your house on the date you choose. (Ours is in our driveway.) You fill it up at your leisure and schedule the pickup when you’re done. The POD is taken to a POD storage center until you’re ready for it to be delivered to your new house. So easy!

For us, it was a good option because we could slowly pack up the storage container on our own time…a little here and a little there. So now we are working on filling up our second POD.

(P.S. I have no affiliation with PODS, I just wanted to share this because I’m sure some people are unaware that there is an alternative to hiring movers to pack up your stuff all in one day.)

Since most of our house is packed up, we are living a simple life…sleeping on mattresses on the floor, eating weird meals made out of what’s left in the freezer and pantry, and playing with the one box of toys that I haven’t put in the POD yet.

The kids are watching way too much TV because I’m so preoccupied with packing. I think I’ve said “Fine, but just one more show!” like a billion times each day. We did this Melissa & Doug purse-decorating craft today but that fills up my craft quota for the summer. #ihatecrafts

Here’s my new purse that can fit 1/100th of the crap I have in my real purse.


I do try to get them outside for a little bit but it’s hard because the instant we go out, the bug bites start happening. And not even just mosquitoes…we are pretty sure that my four-year-old was bitten by a tick and has Lyme disease.

I noticed a bullseye rash on her thigh and a swollen knee on Monday. We went to the pediatrician and although she wasn’t 100% convinced it was Lyme disease, she started Lilly on antibiotics and sent us for a blood test to see if it showed Lymes. We got the results back this afternoon– no Lyme disease, but I know the test can produce false negatives, so…still a bit unsure. We are going to finish the antibiotic regimen just to be on the safe side. 

As a result of all the bugs, I don’t want to let them play in the back yard too much. I’d love to go to the pool, but I’ve come to the realization that I just can’t handle three kids of these ages at the pool by myself. A six-month-old and a two-year-old each require me to hold them in the pool, and neither will sit quietly in the stroller anymore.

That’s where I’m at these days…just trying to make it through the home stretch before the big move and enjoy these last days of summer!

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