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10 Things We Learned from The Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part One

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It’s Part One of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion…here’s what we learned!

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Where did this season go?

It seems like we just met Lala and thought she was going to be a sweet addition to the show. We were so naive!

I can’t believe this amazing show doesn’t even get its own special locale for the Reunion. They have to sit on high, uncomfortable bar stools at SUR. Really, Bravo?

Here are ten things we learned from the Vanderpump Rules Reunion… Read More »

Guilty Pleasures Pump Rules TV TV Recaps

Pucker & Pout: Vanderpump Rules Recap

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Stassi continues her apology tour with Tom Schwartz in an attempt to get Katie’s friendship back.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Do you like it quick and dirty?

Here are “The Ten.” Ten things you need to know from last night’s Vanderpump Rules episode, “Pucker and Pout.”

10. Katie is planning a launch party for her fashion blog, Pucker and Pout. She seems to be posting more often these days but when I looked at it back in the fall, her latest post had been for Earth Day. In April. She’s also not the best writer. Does this sentence make sense to anyone? “Don’t forget the crucial elements that go into a special night that you should mind hours or days before like getting fresh polish on your nails.” I do like the fresh, clean look of the site, though. Read More »

Guilty Pleasures Pump Rules TV TV Recaps

Sex, Lies, and Stassi’s Videotape: Vanderpump Rules

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Jax faces the consequences after getting arrested for stealing a pair of sunglasses.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Did you miss Vanderpump Rules last night?

Never fear– here are the only ten things you need to know about “Sex, Lies, and Stassi’s Videotape.”

10. Ariana doesn’t like to do favors for people. After dropping Jax’s suitcase off at his house, she feels that she is owed a lifetime of him not being a d*ck to her.  Read More »

Guilty Pleasures Pump Rules RHONJ TV

Are Tom and Ariana Still Together? Plus Dina Gets Grilled & the RHOBH Trailer

A Hot Cup of Reali-Tea

Finally! Some good reality TV.

The Season 3 premiere of Vanderpump Rules aired last night, plus we had an informative Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion on Sunday night.

Let’s find out what happened and answer your most pressing Pump Rules questions, like are Tom and Ariana still together? Is Katie still a dud? And did Stassi finally get a good hair colorist? Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Vanderpump Rules Reunion (Part 2) Recap

Pump Rules Recap

What other sexy secrets and lies do the SUR-vers have up their sleeves? Will we learn the truth about Jax’s shady past? 

Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion kicks off with Kristen storming off the set because Tom and Ariana are holding hands.

Scheana explains that she is trying to be there for Kristen, but it’s hard. Stassi is pissed that Scheana is now friends with Kristen and Jax (her two enemies).  Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap

A very scruffy (but still sexy) Andy Cohen welcomes us to the Vanderpump Rules Reunion at SUR. All of our favorite SUR-vers are there: Stassi, with a cheap blonde dye-job, a brunette Katie (finally!), Jax, Scheana, Tom, Kristen, and Lisa.

Andy points out that Tom and Kristen are not sitting together…does this mean that they are not together? Yes, says Tom. That’s what it means.

According to Lisa, everyone is still working at SUR except for Stassi, who left without any notice a month ago. (Lisa is not happy.) Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Vanderpump Rules: Season Finale Recap

Pump Rules Recap

The title of the Vanderpump Rules Season Finale is “I Lied.”

WHO?!?!?! Who lied?????

I had originally thought Jax was telling the truth, but everyone else is trying to convince me that I’m wrong and those texts he showed Sandoval were the ones from Stassi.

But anyway, before we get started with what happens in the season finale…

Just for shits and gigs, I did a Top 10 Moments from Vanderpump Rules, thus far, meaning not containing any gems from tonight’s season finale. Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Tom and Ariana: Vanderpump Rules Recap

One week later and it is still…STASSI’S BIRTHDAY! At Bar Esquina, Katie has just left the dinner table in tears after fighting with Schwartz.

This drama is detracting from everyone else lavishing attention on the birthday girl and boy, is she pissed.

“This should’ve been simple. You sit down at a birthday dinner, you tell me how great I am…but instead, I can’t even order my food right now because Katie is making it all about herself. Seriously, this is unacceptable!” says the Princess. Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

It’s Stassi’s Birthday: Vanderpump Rules Recap

It’s Stassi’s birthday…did you know that?

Final preparations are being made for Stassi’s birthday trip to Cabo. She goes bikini shopping with Kristina…because it’s her birthday.

I don’t know who I hate more…Stassi for having perfect boobs or Kristina for having a perfect butt. Actually I hate Katie’s orange hair the most. Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Big Black Glasses Day: Vanderpump Rules Recap

Okay, so I just had to rewind the first two minutes of Vanderpump Rules like five times to make sure I heard right- Katie and Stassi both dated Peter in the past?! That is so weird to me, but apparently it’s true. Here is the full scoop on it

As a result of this latest bit of gossip, Peter is losing his luster in my eyes. He now looks like a dirty pirate.

Lisa tells a selection of the SUR-vers that she is having her friends at the restaurant for dinner, which we just watched on RHOBH. She wants the staff to give them the royal treatment. Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Jax and Kristen, Did They Or Didn’t They? Vanderpump Rules Recap

It’s still the morning after Katie’s drunken tirade, and the girls are gathered at the garage sale of the other SUR-ver who is not a cast member. Kristina? Katrina? Don’t know, don’t care.

As Katie stews in her hangover shame of accusing Kristen of sleeping with Jax, Stassi tries to figure out if Katie might actually be right.

Katie claims that she is merely repeating a rumor she heard months ago. Stassi thinks there might be some truth to it, though. Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Jax and Kristen?! Vanderpump Rules Recap

Oh lord. It’s the obligatory girlfriends’ bikini-waxing trip. Somehow Katie has made it to her mid-twenties having never had this done, so Stassi shows her what’s up.

Katie can’t make it through the whole waxing session and ends up with half a hairy lip. Lovely!

Just for the record, no waxing session will ever top when Vicki took her assistant to get waxed on RHOC. Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Emergency Boyfriend: Vanderpump Rules Recap

Vanderpump Rules - Season 1

SUR is having a float in the Gay Pride Parade because duh, the gays love Bravo. 

Lisa has assembled “the more responsible ones” of the SUR staff at her house to make plans. That honor goes to Katie, Peter, Tom, and Scheana, who prances around doing gymnastics on her bad ankle.

“That can’t be good for your ankle,” says Katie.  Read More »

Pump Rules TV Recaps

Does Jax Have Cancer? Vanderpump Rules Recap

It’s Guillermo’s 45th birthday and Nathalie wants to throw him a SUR-prise party. At SUR. Duh. 

She also thinks it would be adorable to have burlesque dancers at said party, and even more adorable and not at all weird to have Guillermo’s employees Stassi and Katie be part of the burlesque troupe. Because they used to take burlesque lessons. Supposedly.

P.S. Katie’s hair=still orange.

Keep reading for the full Vanderpump Rules recap… Read More »