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The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 5 Recap

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Will Ben finally see through Olivia’s phony sweetness to her bad breath, bad attitude, and self-professed cankles?

The Bachelor Recap

I’ve been saying this for the past several seasons but the budget for The Bachelor has clearly gone downhill.

After traveling to Las Vegas for a quickie last week, the gang heads to the exotic land of Mexico City. Cue the dumb geography comments…

Ben is “excited,” because “progress is happening with multiple people.”

“I’m becoming more and more confident that my wife could be in that group,” says Ben. “I feel like Mexico City’s gonna be a really good place to fall in love.” Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

The Bachelor Finale PLUS After The Final Rose Recap


Let’s get this shizz started!

I’m very conflicted on what I want to happen here. I like Clare better, but now I’m thinking I don’t want her to end up with Juan Pablo. He’s starting to irk me.

Juan Pablo has his whole family in St. Lucia with him to help him decide between Clare and Nikki. Yesssss!! Cousin Rodolfo with the braces is here, too! Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

The Women Tell All: Bachelor Recap

The Women Tell All

If you want to hear what happens when a gang of 17 ladies confront their former “boyfriend” while an audience full of menopausal cougars (and a few unlucky husbands who got dragged along) cheers them on, well then this is your recap.

So…I didn’t realize The Women Tell All included Catherine “telling all” about her wedding night with Sean. Barf. 

The newlyweds kick off the show by chatting with Chris Harrison. Catherine now has bangs- sure they look great now when a stylist blew them out. Let’s see how you feel about them in a week.

Because Chris mistakenly thinks we want to hear details about Sean and Catherine’s “first time,” he asks how it was. Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

Hosting a Healthy Bachelor Finale Party

Hosting a Bachelor Finale Party

The following is a guest post written by Kayla Vashti for The Naughty Mommy.

Hi everyone! I am normally blogging over at Variety by Vashti about motherhood, healthy food, fitness and my obsession with coffee, but I’m so excited to be here as a guest for you today!

I have been itching to do this guest post for Lindsay even though this is totally out of my realm because I don’t watch The Bachelor

Read More »

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The Bachelor: Fantasy Suite Dates Recap


With Renee being sent home, it’s down to Clare, Andi, and Nikki. They travel to the beautiful island of St. Lucia, the perfect place to fall in love. (Like all the other places they have visited.)

According to Clare, it’s finally time for her love story. Yes, that’s the love story every little girl dreams of…to date a man who’s cheating on you with two other ladies.  Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

The Bachelor: Hometown Dates Recap


It’s time for the beloved Hometown Dates episode of The Bachelor. Juan Pablo will be meeting the families of Nikki, Renee, Clare, and Andi.

Who will make it to the Fantasy Suites? (Well, besides Andi, who we know from previews definitely makes it there.)

Keep reading for The BachelorHometown Dates recap. Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

The Bachelor: Episode 7 Recap


It’s been three weeks since Juan Pablo has seen Camila, so he brings the ladies back to his hometown of Miami. (Not to be confused with “Hometown Dates,” which happens next week when the harem is whittled down to four women.)

He surprises Camila at his parents’ house and gets the chance to catch up with some dude who has braces (his brother? a cousin?). Juan Pabs tells his amigo about Sharleen- how she caught his eye the first night, because she is so beautiful and so classy. Oh, and she’s an “Oprah seeng-er.” 

Confirmed: braces dude is J.P.’s cousin. Here’s a pic from Juan Pablo’s Instagram if you really need it… Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

The Bachelor: Episode 6 Recap

Welcome to New Zealand! “It’s a beautiful place with…rivers and mountains,” Juan Pablo tells us. 

As his water plane glides to a stop, Juan Pabs reminds us that there are eight beautiful ladies left (“Ay yi yi!”) and he is here to fall in love.

Clare feels that there is both a dark cloud hovering over her AND a volcano waiting to erupt. Geez, rough weather in New Zealand. She is anxious to repair the damage she did in Vietnam with her late-night warm ocean tryst. Maybe she will get the first 1-on-1 date? Unfortunately, no, this date card is for Andi. Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

The Bachelor: Episode 5 Recap


My apologies that this recap is later than usual…but I had to watch the season finale of Vanderpump Rules live last night. I had to. Click here for that explosive recap

But now, on to El Bachelor and his harem of 11 ladies, who have traveled to Vietnam to find love and continue their amazing, magical, special journey.

They are at the beautiful  Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. Just rolls off the tongue!

“Who are we to get to stay here, right?! Like I’m just some girl, like this is insane!” says Alli. I couldn’t agree more. Go home, Alli. You have zero connection with J.P.

Nikki is *supposedly* looking forward to putting all the negativity of the past week behind her. Hmm. We’ll see about that. Read More »

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The Bachelor: Episode 4 Recap


The episode opens as Juan Pabs is saying goodbye to Camila. He is sad to leave her, but excited for his a-ven-ture.

At the mansion, Chris informs the 13 remaining ladies that they are headed to Seoul, South Korea. I guess when the Bachelor is as hot as Juan Pablo, the producers spring for better trips than Montana and Canada like in Sean’s season.

They arrive at the Seoul Hilton and the first date card arrives. It’s a group date for Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat, and Nikki. Nikki is sad. She wanted the 1-on-1. Wah! Read More »

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The Bachelor: Episode 3 Recap

I’m so excited to see Sharleen’s transformation from uber-nerd to slut tonight! Anyone else???

I laugh every time I see it say “Kelly: Dog Lover” on the screen.

Chris Harrison comes in to say hi to the ladies. He is wearing a heinous color-block shirt. Just no. Read More »

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The Bachelor: Episode 2 Recap

Did Juan Pablo weed out all the crazies last week? Let’s hope not, as we settle in for Episode 2 of El Bachelor’s journey to find his future ex-fiance!

Possibly-crazy Clare has gotten the first date with Juan Pablo. Juan Pabs comes to pick up Clare and goddamn does he look hot in his tight teal shirt.

The rest of the ladies clutch their wine glasses and look on as J.P. blindfolds Clare and puts her in the car. Read More »

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The Bachelor: Season Premiere Recap


Photo courtesy of ABC.

Somewhere in Seattle, Desiree is curled up on a couch. Chris sits next to her, journal in hand.

He begins to recite the 764th poem of their relationship to her:

Our love is like the NFL Draft. Sometimes you get lucky and end up with your first pick.

And sometimes, you get stuck with your second choice but pretend to be okay with it.

But like the Eagles’ hopes for an NFL championship, I will soldier on. 

She silently cries tears of regret for that fateful day when she sent Juan Pablo home. 

Tough luck, Des- your loss is America’s gain. Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

Meet the Bachelor: Juan Pablo


Photo courtesy of ABC.

In case you missed it last night, ABC aired “The Countdown to Juan Pablo.”

We were treated to an in-depth look at the casting process to see how the 25 women were chosen.

Even funnier than the actual women who were picked are the women who were NOT picked. Like the one who said “Well actually I was a virgin until two weeks ago.”  Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

Sean Tells Some: Bachelor Recap

Welcome to Sean’s not-very-revealing tell-all. It’s mainly just a chance for ABC to show some extra footage they have and steal one more hour from their loyal viewers’ lives. So thanks for that. There were no HUGE bombshells, just the usual suspects…  Read More »

The Bachelor TV Recaps

Ain’t Nobody Gonna Steal My Sparkle: Bachelor Recap

Please let this be the week Tierra goes home. Please let this be the week Tierra goes home. That was my personal mantra all day today. It’s not looking too good from the previews when Sean tells her he’s “crazy about her.” But one can hope! So let’s hop aboard the seaplane with Sean and his six remaining ladies as our Bachelor journey takes us to the crystal-blue waters of St. Croix! Read More »