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Not Easy to Love: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

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Yolanda hosts the word’s most awkward restaurant “dinner party,” a.k.a. reservation for 16. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 6

After a couple of uncomfortable get-togethers, the ladies seem to be separating into different squads.

On Yolanda’s Squad: Erika, Eileen, and Andrea Bocelli. On Lisa Vanderpump’s Squad: Kyle, Lisa Rinna, Kathryn, Ken, and Giggy.

So which squad would you pick? Personally, I like the access to SUR, Villa Blanca, and Pump that comes along with being on LVP’s Squad. So I choose her.

Find out how these squads came to be. Here are the Top 10 highlights from last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Read More »

Guilty Pleasures RHOBH TV TV Recaps

Backwards in Heels: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

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Kyle’s relationship with Faye causes waves with new girl Kathryn Edwards.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 6

I have to be honest– I’m not loving this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thus far.

Lisa Rinna (one of my faves) is coming off terribly, due to her obsession with Kim Richards’ addiction and Yolanda’s “illness,” as she would put it.

I do really like Erika, but I’m not yet a fan of Kathryn. And there’s too much Faye. Why?

Last night’s episode featured a meeting between Rinna and Yolanda, plus a swanky costume party. Here are The Ten…ten things you need to know in case you missed it! Read More »


RHOBH Reunion Part 3 Recap


The third and final installment of the RHOBH Reunion begins with Andy showing how the ladies began to distrust Lisa.

We see the clip of her making the joke “Well that’s where the rumor comes from you being seen with a younger woman” to Mauricio, in front of Portia. I will usually defend Lisa, but I found that to be tasteless and inappropriate.

Also shown is the Puerto Rico trip when Lisa is confronted about Tabloidgate and being friends with Scheana. Read More »


RHOBH Reunion Part Two Recap


WordPress ate my draft of this recap when I was 90% done. After struggling to find my work for 25 minutes, I admitted defeat.

So, you’ll have to settle for this abbreviated recap, or Ten Things We Learned From The RHOBH Reunion Part Two… Read More »


RHOBH Reunion Part One Recap


BREAKING NEWS: I have figured out Bravo’s secret to dramatic reality television.

Even if the ladies of any particular Housewives show are getting along at the end of the season, by the time the Reunion taping rolls around, they have all just watched an entire season of catty confessional comments and things said behind their backs…so they are ready to rumble with all this new information.

And then, any friendships that were doing okay (like say, Kyle and Brandi’s) are now put through the ringer by all the Reunion questions and accusations. So then people previously on good terms will now end the Reunion hating each other once again, just in time to start filming the next season. It’s ingenious! Read More »


All’s Well That Doesn’t End Well: RHOBH Finale Recap

RHOBH RecapWhat a long, strange season it’s been for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I never thought I’d see the day when everyone turned on the fabulous Lisa Vanderpump.

I guess stranger things have happened….like me sleeping til 6:30 this morning. Did someone sneak in and drug my kids last night??? (If so, thank you!)

The ladies are attending the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce party for the finale, cuz it ain’t no finale without a random finale party to attend. Read More »


Cricket Cricket Cricket, Who’s Brandi? RHOBH Recap


It is the morning after the confrontation with Lisa, who is nowhere to be found.

Kim wants to apologize to Ken. Kyle wants Lisa to apologize to her. Yolanda wants everyone to hate Lisa. 

Yolanda, what happened? You used to be my girl. Now you keep meddling in everyone else’s problems and then saying that Lisa is avoiding the issue by simply wanting to enjoy her vacation. Read More »


Puerto Rican Ambush: RHOBH Recap


It’s time for the ladies’ (minus Carlton) Puerto Rico trip. We get the obligatory Packing Their Suitcases montage…someone stole Kyle’s blue bikini. Kim wants to sit in her suitcase. Giggy is depressed. 

At the airport, Joyce thanks the girls for coming and says she doesn’t want the trip to be a pity party just because her father died. He would want them to go, have fun, enjoy beautiful Puerto Rico, and gang up on Lisa just like they had planned. Read More »


Everyone Hates Lisa (Except Me): RHOBH Recap


It’s a sad state of affairs when I choose to watch The Bachelor over RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules. It’s even sadder when I then choose to watch Pump Rules as soon as I get up on Tuesday mornings, but leave RHOBH to when I get around to it. Which is around 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday night.

I remember the old days of bitchy Camille fighting with my favorite Kyle…what happened to you, RHOBH? Now we have scenes of Carlton in a mystic candle shop and Brandi being BFFs with Kim. Huh?

Oh, and everyone hates Lisa. (Except me.) But let’s go back to the beginning of the episode… Read More »


Changing Tides: RHOBH Recap

As if  I don’t hate my own house enough, I am subjected to the opening scenes of RHOBH at Mohamed’s sprawling estate. It’s 50,000 square feet, which apparently embarrasses Mohamed’s children because it’s so big. Oh to have the problems of the young and the rich.

Yolanda is stopping by to plan Gigi’s graduation party with Mohamed and his fiance Shiva. She asks Shiva to take the reigns on the party planning, because she is just so overwhelmed with packing up Gigi’s room and recovering from David’s daughter’s wedding, which just took place last week, also at Mohamed’s house.

Speaking of that wedding, Yolanda isn’t happy that Lisa threw Ken and Mauricio’s joint birthday bash on the same night of the wedding AND had the gall to invite Mohamed. Doesn’t she know that one simply doesn’t do that? Read More »


Witchy Woman: RHOBH Recap


Lisa and Kyle are planning a joint birthday celebration for Ken and Mauricio. They will invite Pandy & Jason, Brandi, Kim, Carlton & David, and Joyce & the Hobbit. (Yolanda will be at her step-daughter’s wedding…Kyle thinks it’s hilarious that Lisa isn’t invited to this.)

Party planner extraordinaire Kevin Lee wants some of Lisa’s SUR-vers there. Lisa says she will bring two guys to work the bar and two “ladies” to pass around drinks. 

Brandi is shooting her book cover. Her editor Nancy is a C-U-Next Tuesday, but in a good way. Nancy doesn’t like lots of the photographers ideas, and I have to agree with her. Read More »


Who Wants a WerePuppy?! RHOBH Recap



Carlton is preparing for her annual pool party, which she describes as “positive,” “not the norm,” and “Eyes Wide Shut.” Classic Carlton.

It is going to be way too naughty for her daughters to attend, so David drops them off at Grandma’s.

Kim goes to some type of ex-child star convention. She explains that Kyle doesn’t do these types of fairs with her, because, frankly, Kyle wasn’t as popular as her. It’s definitely that Kim needs this as income and Kyle doesn’t. Read More »


The Queen of Sacramento: RHOBH Recap

My, it’s windy in Beverly Hills. Carlton is planning a party and auditioning strippers girls for the party. The girls will be dancing, posing, and pole dancing. So basically, yes, strippers. 

Carlton reminds us that she likes women, the female body, and flirting with her ANNOYING friend Tara. Ladies, if you’re over 25, can we quit it with the baby voice? 

Brandi got a new dog named Buddy. She claims to hate him, because he follows her around everywhere. Read More »


Sorry Not Sorry: RHOBH Recap

So I can’t decide if the producers are gonna keep Joyce around next season because she causes drama or give her the boot because everyone hates her (including me). 

Anyways, to prepare for Kimberly Jr.’s graduation party, Kim and Kyle are getting their wieners waxed. And by wieners, Kim means vaginas…or tweeters, as Kyle calls them.

The waxer pulls out two dildos for Kyle to hold? use? I’m not really sure. Either way, it was gross. If I was getting waxed and the lady tried to hand me a sex toy, I’d probably report her. To the Waxing Police. Read More »


Joyce and Brandi, Round 3: RHOBH Recap

Oh lovely. We are still at Lisa’s dinner party at SUR and the argument between Brandi, Hoyce, and the Hobbit is in full swing.

Among Hoyce’s insults to Brandi:

“You are trash.”

“I thought you needed rehab, but this is the real you.”

“You are just tacky.” Read More »


Tell Me Where You Want That Pole: RHOBH Recap

I apologize for both the tardiness and the brevity of this RHOBH recap, but I was on vacation. Like these shows should have been.

Do we really need new episodes during Christmas week and then again during New Year’s week? Yes? Okay, fine, I guess I agree. Keep ’em comin’…especially if we get to see more of drunk Brandi mocking Jacqueline Joyce.

Carlton takes her hubby and her M.I.L. (mother-in-law) shopping for sex costumes at Hustler. Because that’s what Carlton does. Read More »


Nobody Puts Joyce’s Baby in the Corner: RHOBH Recap

As the episode opens, there is cheerful music playing over shots of Beverly Hills and sunshine…like we aren’t in for another drama-filled dinner party. 

But the mood is still fresh and bright at the start, as we go drop a cool G on flowers with Yolanda. She’s a Dutch girl, and Dutch girls like their flowers.

They also like their dinner parties with Canadian tenors who only have one night off and are choosing to spend it with the famous David Foster. Read More »


The Squirrel Whisperer: RHOBH Recap

When we last left the ladies, a drunk Brandi was calling Kyle a crazy asshole. 

Yolanda excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Lisa tries to make Brandi stop talking.

Kyle seeks clarification for what the hell Brandi is talking about. “Haven’t we been friends for the past 12 months?” Kyle asks her. Read More »


Looking For Tits On An Ant: RHOBH Recap

The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls - Season 4

I remember when RHOBH used to be about trips to Hawaii and Camille Grammer’s dinner parties. Now we have trips to Palm Springs and Joyce.

There’s nothing really wrong with Joyce. She just doesn’t fit in. Like how Peggy Tanous didn’t fit in on RHOC.

But back to this episode- keep reading for the full RHOBH recap… Read More »