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Dutch Baby Recipe

Dutch Baby Recipe

It seems like Easter has crept up on me this year…not great since I’m hosting about twenty people for dinner!

If you’re like me and still scrambling to get your menu and Easter activities together, this post will be a huge help.

My friends Colleen of Souffle Bombay and Heather of Real: The Kitchen and Beyond have gathered 26 bloggers to share some of their favorite Easter entertaining ideas with you! From Jelly Bean Trees to a Giant Deviled Egg, we’ve got you covered! 

I will be sharing my mother-in-law’s recipe for a Dutch Baby, a deliciously simple breakfast/brunch recipe that will definitely become a holiday morning tradition in your home! Read More »

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The Goldfish Diet

The Goldfish Diet

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.This post is intended to be humorous. I do not recommend feeding your child a diet solely of Goldfish, however yummy they may be! Pepperidge Farm® provided me with a sampling of their products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. Pictures courtesy of Pepperidge Farm® .
Some days, all my toddler wants to eat is snacks, specifically Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish.

I blame Target.

We are in there on a daily weekly basis and it seems like every other aisle has a special Goldfish display. Really?

It isn’t enough that I avoid the snack-food aisle when I’m there with my daughter…now I have to skip over the grocery section altogether? Read More »

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The Naughty Mommy’s Lazy Guide to Being Healthy

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.

No excuses…here’s the lazy guide to being healthy!

lazy guide healthy
This winter has been brutal. I have tried to keep up with my exercising, but I’m failing miserably.

I had been taking my dog for a quick one or two mile run everyday, even in the snowy weather. About two weeks ago, it got way too icy for me.

I set out with Toby and found that there was no good place to step. The streets were icy. Sidewalks were icy. The easement strips were covered in snow that sank down with every step I took. Fun! Read More »


Marsha’s Quick & Yummy Meatballs {Guest Post}

Marsha's Quick and Yummy Meatballs

The following is a guest post from Marsha at The Crafty Mama. Marsha is a new friend of mine and a fellow Real Housewives fan. She is sharing one of her family’s favorite dinner recipes today. Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Marsha from The Crafty Mama. Today I’ll be sharing a recipe for meatballs with mushroom sauce. My mom used to make this for my family when I was young, and I followed in the tradition when I got married. It’s one of my husband’s favorite meals!


The Best Snack Recipes for the Big Game

Super Bowl snacks recipes

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??? Yeah, me neither. But I AM ready for some Super Bowl snacks. (And some Bruno Mars action at halftime!)

I’ve searched the Interwebs far and wide to find the tastiest Super Bowl snacks recipes around. You’re welcome! Read More »


Smoked Salmon Pump Bites

Smoked Salmon Pump Bites

Looking for a scrumptious appetizer for your next get-together?

I love to make Smoked Salmon Pump Bites because they look fancy, yet there’s no real cooking involved.

This elegant hors d’oeuvre is so easy to prepare…and it’s delicious! Read More »


Antipasto Bars: Recipe

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.

My mom started making these a few years ago and I recently added the recipe to my own go-to arsenal of party appetizers.

These are easy and delicious- perfect to throw together for a New Year’s Eve party!

This recipe is part of a collection of fabulous New Year’s Eve party recipes…get the complete list at the end of this post. Read More »

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Balance Bar Giveaway!


Did you know that today is International Chocolate Lovers Day? (I didn’t either.)

To celebrate, Balance Bar sent me a box of their delicious new dark chocolate bars to try: dark chocolate coconut, dark chocolate crunch, and dark chocolate peanut.

Mmmm! I’ll be having my chocolate bar with some red wine later! 😉

In honor of this chocalicious holiday, Balance Bar is giving away a box of their bars (just like the one I got) to one lucky winner!

Balance Bars are gluten-free, filled with protein and fiber, and made with 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa.

To enter, simply comment below and answer the question: What is your favorite chocolate treat?

This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends Saturday, September 14th at 9:00 P.M. (EST). Good luck!

 Disclosure: Balance Bar sent me samples in order to facilitate this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

** Congratulations to Ally, winner of the Balance Bar Giveaway! **

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My Happiness Project: June Recap

Wow, this month really flew by! It’s not even technically over yet, but I’m cheating a little…

Am I happier now than at the beginning of June? Yes, definitely. Is it because I focused on Health for My Happiness Project for the month of June? Well, no. It’s because I had my adorable son and he is just perfect. How can I not be happier with this new little addition to my family? Read More »

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Homemade Apple Chips

Homemade Apple Chips

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.  
It has been a constant struggle in my house to get my toddler to eat fruits and veggies that are not either hidden in baked goods or served in a Happy Family pouch. Rather than just give up and let her eat Cheerios and crackers all day (which admittedly, some days I do let her), I’m always on the lookout for new ways to get her to eat healthy.

Recently I purchased a bag of apple chips from the supermarket, which she happily ate. The problem? They were $2.99 for a small bag that had only two servings in it. A quick look around Pinterest showed that I could make my own fresh, homemade apple chips, for little more than the cost of an apple.

Read More »

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Toddler Nutrition

When L was an infant, she ate all sorts of healthy foods: mashed avocado, pureed squash, eggs mixed with spinach…basically anything I gave her. Because of her good eating habits as an infant, I incorrectly assumed that such habits would continue as she grew older. NOPE! Read More »