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Charity Miles

  Several weeks ago I wrote about Running Tips for Beginners and today I’m sharing a way to make your runs (or walks) even more worthwhile…through the Charity Miles app! Charity Miles logs your mileage when you’re walking, running, or biking…

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That Sugar Film

  After watching Fed Up and seeing just how much added sugar is in everyday foods like waffles, bread, and even spaghetti sauce, it’s hard to look away. Even though I haven’t always stuck to my pledge to eliminate sugary foods…

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How to Cook Bacon THE EASY WAY

  Everyone loves bacon. Even babies, apparently, because there are now bacon-shaped teething toys. I bet you think you know how to cook bacon. I mean, I thought I knew how to cook bacon easily– put it in a frying…

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Food, Healthy-ish

Sugar Free Meal Plan

  Okay so this is not exactly a sugar free “meal plan,” but rather a list of sugar free breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that you can then customize into your own sugar free meal plan if you’d like.  I…

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Food, Getting Fit, Healthy-ish, Parenting

Fed Up

  Feeding our children a healthy diet should be easy. Right? We live in the world’s richest nation. We like to think we are health-conscious. We have an endless supply of *seemingly* nutritious options at the grocery store– things that appear…

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