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Call It Like I See It {Vanderpump Rules}

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Katie picks her bridesmaids/orders them never to speak to Lala. #normal


I didn’t do anything special to ask friends to be my bridesmaids. I think I just texted them, if texting was even a thing back then.

Not so for the people of Vanderpump Rules. For them it is a big to-do.

This episode is consumed with wedding planning, but also lots of insults, apologies, and then more insults.

5 Things About Last Night’s Vanderpump Rules

5. Will you be my bridesmaid? Stassi, Kristen, and Brittany are still at the age when being chosen to be a bridesmaid is fun I guess. Katie asks them (and three of her friends who are not SURvers) to be in her wedding with fanfare that includes lots of rosé and confetti. Brittany tells everyone that things with Jax are okay, but she has been really pissed at him about spreading the rumor about her and Kristen. Says Stassi: “I don’t even look at Jax like an ex-boyfriend anymore. I just look at him like…an ape who has a really cool girlfriend.”

4. Someone call the doctor, I’m liking Ariana! I think if it comes down to a choice between Ariana and Katie, I’m picking…Ariana?! I love how she reacted to Katie’s non-invitation to be a bridesmaid. WHO CARES?! I also like anyone who sticks up for my girl Lala. Am I really #TeamAriana???

3. That practical joke…Umm, EW. That was just disgusting. I’m surprised those two didn’t change their answer about being a groomsman to “Hell, no!” I may never eat a steak again.

2. A housewarming party, too? I find it weird that you would host a housewarming party (encouraging more gifts) right before you are inviting everyone to your shower and wedding and right after you just had an engagement party. Maybe just cool it with the parties for yourselves where you act surprised and say “Ooh you brought a present!” like it’s a total shock.

1. The hypocrisy about Lala is too much. Scheana on a soapbox about Lala lying about being a whore is laughable. Don’t forget that you dated a married man, Scheana. A famous one. What does that say about YOU? Also, just because your friend Katie is mad at Lala that doesn’t mean you need to be, too. “Fall in line?” This is not doing any favors for the image of this group of girls. How can Katie watch this show back and not see that she is acting like a dictator forcing her friends to do as she says? God, she sucks.

Image courtesy of Bravo. 

Guilty Pleasures

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past {Real Housewives of Atlanta}

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Exes make appearances and the ladies have mixed feelings…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9
There should really be a rule that once you break up with someone, they vanish from your life.


Although I guess if that were really the case then I wouldn’t be married to my husband and have my three kids right now. Because he dumped me several times.

But I digress. The Real Housewives of Atlanta have some winners in their past and it seemed like every single one showed up for last night’s episode. Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

What Went Down {Vanderpump Rules}

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Jax digs a deeper hole for himself as the Kristen/Brittany rumor spreads.


It’s World Dog Day, so let’s celebrate by focusing on one of the biggest dogs around…JAX!

Brittany’s still upset that Jax is telling people that Kristen and her hooked up. Both Kristen and Brittany insist that it was just a few drunken kisses.

I tend to believe them over Jax.

Here are 5 Things About Last Night’s Vanderpump Rules… Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

Housewife House Wars {Real Housewives of Atlanta}

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The fallout from Kenya’s housewarming party continues…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9

It’s not a true housewarming party if you don’t have uninvited guests, a drip bucket under your sink, and your “friends” talking shit about your new house. That’s what I always say!

Sheree vs. Kenya in “Who Has the Better House, Round XII” happens again. Yawn.

We get it. You each think your own house is better. Let’s move on.

Here are 5 Things About Last Night’s RHOARead More »

Guilty Pleasures

12 Things We Learned {60 Minutes Interview w/ Donald Trump}

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Here’s what we learned from Donald Trump’s first interview as president-elect.


Didn’t watch Donald Trump’s first interview as president-elect on 60 Minutes?

Can’t really say I blame you, but I was just too curious and had to watch.

In the end, nothing really shocked me. He seemed more subdued than he was while campaigning, but I feel like he may still be in shock that he won.

Here are 12 Things We Learned from Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview… Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

Summer Bodies {Vanderpump Rules}

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Season 5 kicks off and all I want is for Tom and Katie to break up.


“We’re trying to convince people that you’re not a psycho,” Stassi tells Kristen.

Isn’t that what Vanderpump Rules strives for every season?

After tonight’s premiere I wonder at what age will it be implausible for this group to still be working at SUR, arguing over who hooked up with whom, and throwing drinks at each other.

Thankfully, they haven’t hit that age limit quite yet. Maybe by 40. Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

House of Shade & Dust {Real Housewives of Atlanta}

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No more Kim Fields and all feels right in Atlanta again.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9

Confession– I didn’t watch all of Real Housewives of Atlanta last season. I found Kim Fields an odd addition to the cast, so I just pretended like the show wasn’t airing.

But now Kim is gone, Sheree is back as a full-time cast member, and I’m ready to commit.

At least as long as Kandi keeps giving us scenes with adorable baby Ace.

Here are 5 Things About Last Night’s RHOA

5 Things About Last Night’s RHOA

5. Kandi is potty-training her infant. I repeat, Kandi is potty-training her infant. I mean, good for her. Can she come train my 18-month-old? Also, what is UP with Kandi’s “I Dream of Jeannie” look in her confessional? That’s gonna be a hard “No” from me on that getup.

4. Chateau Sheree vs. Moore Manor. At this point I’m not sure if I’d rather have a bigger, nicer house that is going to take another five years to finish or a smaller house that will be done in six months. How about neither?

3. WHY DIDN’T KENYA POSTPONE HER HOUSEWARMING PARTY? As the party got closer and closer, it became quite clear that Kenya’s house wasn’t going to be ready. It was seriously stressing me out. Rather than throwing it all together 15 minutes before guests were arriving, why not just postpone the party?

2. Peter. Ugh. Marrying Peter seems like the worst decision of Cynthia’s life. Let’s hurry this divorce along now, please.

1. Kenya, please don’t act surprised that Porsha showed up. Isn’t it your obligation to have all of your fellow cast members at an event being filmed for the season premiere? Also, this party needs all the spicing up it can get, what with the cup catching drips in the bathroom and the dust leaving imprints on people’s behinds. Lordy!

Image courtesy of Bravo.

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Season 7 Preview {Real Housewives of Beverly Hills}


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Season 7 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks off on December 6…get the preview here!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 7

“New chapter. End of story. Let’s move on.”

This, coming from Lisa Rinna to kick off the just-released promo to the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And of course Rinna wants to move on– she was a nightmare last season. Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

7 Reasons Why You Will Love “Stranger Things”

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Thinking about watching “Stranger Things?” Here are seven reasons why you should!


Sometimes when I hear too much buzz about a TV show, it turns me off.

Maybe I feel like I’m being different by not watching it. Who knows?

So when I kept hearing about Stranger Things all summer (it was released on Netflix on July 15, 2015), I didn’t take too much notice.

My husband watched it in August and loved it. Recently, he started suggesting that I watch it. He even said that he’d watch it AGAIN with me…meaning it has to be really good. Read More »

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13 Nights of Halloween Movie Schedule

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Don’t miss any of Freeform’s “13 Nights of Halloween” lineup! Print out your schedule here. 

13 days of halloween movies schedule

I don’t know what happened to September but October is here all of a sudden and that means only 30 more days until Halloween!

Chilly fall evenings when the sun goes down early are the perfect nights to curl up on the couch and watch a good Halloween movie.

Thanks to Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family), you won’t miss any of your favorites! And if you do miss one, don’t fret– most of these are available for purchase on Amazon for CHEAP. Like less than $5 cheap!

Get the full schedule for Freeform’s 13 Nights of Halloween programming, starting October 19th, here. (Printable version at the end.)

Read More »

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5 Things I’m PUMPED About for Vanderpump Rules Season 5

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The fifth season of Vanderpump Rules premieres on November 7. Here are 5 reasons why you should get excited!


Why do I love thee, Vanderpump Rules?

You began as a mere spinoff of my favorite Housewives franchise, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but you have become SO. MUCH. MORE.

I think it’s because Pump Rules has all the juicy drama of the Housewives with none of the obligations like marriage and kids and real jobs. So the SURvers can just flit around and make messes of their lives while we watch. #winwin

Bravo released the trailer for Season 5 yesterday and all I can say is I can’t wait for November 7. Read More »

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5 Reasons Why Paul Should Win {Big Brother}

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I’m rooting for Paul to win tonight. Here are five reasons why.


Tonight is the grand Big Brother 18 finale. Don’t get me started on the fact that it starts at 9:30 P.M. like some of us don’t have kids who wander in our bedrooms at 5:33 A.M.

But I’ll survive.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Paul Should Win Big Brother tonight…

1. He was loyal to Victor throughout the game and people like to reward loyalty. I loved when Paul won the HOH comp immediately after Victor left and instead of thinking of his own safety, his first reaction is “This one’s for you, Victor!”

2. He wins comps when it counts. He also ditches his partners when it counts. While the P.P. partnership worked out for awhile, as soon as Paul saw that Paulie was spiraling out of control, he cut the cord. Smart move.

3. He evaded eviction numerous times. Who else was nominated six times (I think) and remained in the house? No one.

4. He spoke his mind throughout the season. Paul wasn’t there to mess around. He wasn’t fake to people and his true personality made it to the end.

5. This is his first time playing Big Brother, unlike his other Final 3 competitors. I do find some validity in the argument of “You had your chance already.”

Possible Reasons Why Paul Should’t Win

1. He called Michelle the C-word, which doesn’t really bother me because I think Michelle dished it out too.

2. He can be very abrasive.

3. He’s annoying.

Image courtesy of CBS.

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The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand {Book Review}

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Rumors spread quickly on the small island of Nantucket…but is there any truth to what you hear?

The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand.

I discovered the joy of the Elin Hilderbrand novel last summer while vacationing in Long Beach Island.

The local 5 & 10 store doesn’t have a huge selection of books, but they had several Hilderbrand novels.

I picked one up on a whim and fell in love with the tales of love, betrayal, and mystery on the small island of Nantucket. Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief {Book Review}

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An intriguing look into the notoriously private world of Scientology and its history.


I guess you could say that Leah Remini’s autobiography about growing up in Scientology hooked me on this subject. (Read my review of Remini’s book here.)

Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, & the Prison of Belief, however, tells an entirely different tale of Scientology.

Wright delves into the history of both Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Confession– I found the early parts of the book detailing Hubbard’s childhood rather boring, but it’s a necessary piece of the puzzle I suppose.

Hubbard was certainly an intriguing man, I’ll give him that.

The historical background of how Scientology came to be only further reaffirmed my belief about the “religion,” which is that it is based on the rantings of a borderline insane person.

More interesting than the forming of Scientology, though, is the later years when celebrities are drawn into the mix.

It’s quite clear that Scientology is a money-making venture and gaining celebrity support is a huge part of achieving that. I just couldn’t believe the names that were actually fervent Scientology supporters.

This book is worth the purchase price for the parts about Tom Cruise alone– you will not believe the lengths that the church went to in order to keep Cruise happy and involved.

But there’s a darker side, too. You will read of horrible cases of abuse and neglect by church officials, including current head David Miscavige.

Interestingly, there is no mention whatsoever of Leah Remini in Wright’s book. That was startling to me because she very publicly left the church, although the timeline of her leaving is about the time this book was published, so maybe Wright wasn’t aware that Remini was leaving when penning his book.

Bottom line– if you’re fascinated by Scientology and looking for a book about it, I’d recommend Remini’s book first.

Then if you’re still interested and want to hear an even more detailed, composite picture of behind-the-scenes Scientology workings, definitely check out Going Clear, available on Amazon here.

Guilty Pleasures

Reunion by Beth Brophy {Book Review}

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Three old friends meet for a Hamptons getaway where secrets are revealed and relationships are tested.

Reunion by Beth Brophy
After reading a memoir by Sue Klebold, mother of Columbine killer Dylan Klebold, I felt as if I needed something light for my next book.

When I received an email suggesting I check out Reunion by Beth Brophy, I happily obliged.

The cover reminded me of an Emily Giffin novel– brightly colored, with a simple title and a small graphic.  Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

Who Will Last? {Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap}

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Which couples made it out of Paradise intact? 


Well, Paradise is closed for the season. Hopefully the cleaning crew is going through it with some heavy duty disinfectant, if not just burning it down.

So of the four couples left during the last episode, who has the best chance of survival? Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

5 Highlights from Bachelor in Paradise Finale Part 1

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The end is drawing near…which couples will make it in the real world?!


The true sign that summer is over is not Labor Day, but rather the ending of the summer shows like Bachelor in Paradise and Big Brother.

Big Brother is still going strong, but it’s sadly the last two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise this week.

Fall is a-coming.

Last night’s Part 1 of the finale didn’t disappoint; couples broke up, couples got stronger, and there was an amazing diss. Read More »

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Chicks Dig Target {August 28, 2016}

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Check out the best of the best on sale at Target this week!

navy paisley umbrella Target

First of all, TODAY ONLY (August 28th), get 10% off your entire purchase either online on in the store.

To get the discount online, click this link or to get the discount in-store, text RUN10 to Target (827438) from your cell phone for the mobile coupon to show at checkout.

More good news…the Labor Day sales start now! Read More »

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger {Real Housewives of New York Finale}

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Luann finally saw photographic evidence of Tom cheating on her…but will she call the engagement off?

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 8

This season of Real Housewives of New York really got off to a slow start.

We had some John/Bethenny drama that was a big deal, then we had Bethenny’s health scare which seemed like a big deal but kinda faded out, and then finally we had the really big deal of Bethenny’s smoking gun photo.


Guilty Pleasures Shopping

5 Beach House Hostess Gifts

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.Mustela & The Beach Glass provided me with products for this post. All opinions are my own.

Here are some ideas of what to bring as a hostess gift when you’re visiting a friend’s beach house.


Headed to a friend’s beach house for the weekend? Don’t be a bad guest and show up empty handed.

Here are five hostess gift ideas that are sure to please all types of beach house owners.

5 Beach House Hostess Gifts

1. For The Mom… an infant beach bucket filled with goodies. Grab one of those bucket and pail duos you see at Target or the drugstore, then add a cute hooded towel and a Mustela “Bébé on the Go” travel set. It’s a perfect set that Mom can keep at the beach house instead of lugging toiletries from home, because it contains all the essentials: facial cleansing cloths, body lotion, and cleansing gel.

Mustela Bebe on the Go

2. For The Wino…a lovely set of beach wine glasses. Wine glasses at the beach?! It’s no longer impossible. The Beach Glass® has a special design that holds it upright in sand, snow, and grass. Also, it won’t break because it’s made of durable BPA-free acrylic! Perfect for a sunset picnic on the beach.

Pink Sunset Beach Glass

3. For The One Who Likes Beachy Decor…a beach-themed decorative sign. Amazon and Etsy are full of beachy, cute, decorative signs. I like this one, but there are plenty of others– funny ones, cute ones, and one that will fit every personality.

beach sign

4. For The Person Who Needs to Relax…an ocean-scented candle. Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lovely summery candle when you’re back in the real world.

ocean candle

5. For The Beer-Lover…a six-pack caddy with bottle opener and cap-catcher. I found a similar one at Kohl’s around Father’s Day and it was only $19.99, but my husband loves it. Wait til this one goes on sale or definitely use your Kohl’s coupon to get this, because the retail price of $59.99 is too expensive.

beer caddy

Other no-fail, last-minute gift ideas: a bottle of wine or a gift card to a local restaurant.

And if you’re the one who’s sad about summer ending then just treat yourself to one of these gifts…with back to school looming, you deserve it!

Title image courtesy of Flickr.

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5 Tips for Ashley I. {Bachelor in Paradise}

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I feel the need to dispense some love advice to Ashley I.


We’ve all been there. Lovesick over a guy who wants nothing to do with us.

Only…we weren’t on national TV and living through it in front of millions of viewers. I feel for ya, Ashley.

(My husband dumped me four times before I finally convinced him we needed to get back together and get married. Not joking.)

But girlfriend needs to up her game and realize what Nick so kindly tried to tell her last night on Bachelor in Paradise. This Jared thing? Not gonna happen.

Not now, not ever.

5 Tips for Ashley I.

1. Ditch the friendship with Jared. Immediately. You cannot be friends with a guy when you are trying to get over him. It just does not work that way. Cease contact with Jared. I don’t care how much you think you’re best friends with him. He’s just trying to be nice when in fact he is hindering your steps to move on.


2. Lose the V-card. Maybe not with Daniel, but I hear Wells is coming into town and judging by the previews, you two may hit it off. He seems like an excellent candidate for your first time.

3. Make a list of all the bad things about Jared. I’ll start. He is boring. He has a wonky tooth. He finds Caila interesting. His hairstyle needs an update. His facial hair is weird. He seems like he would be an awful dancer. HE DOESN’T LIKE YOU.

4. Stop crying. This may be the hardest to do, but it will help you the most. You’ve wasted enough tears on little Mr. Haibon who is not even worth it. Adopt an “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude to everything in your life. Jared’s dating Caila now and they’re riding horses on the beach? I don’t give a f*ck. Two of your press-on nails fell off and your manicure is all messed up? I don’t give a f*ck. The only person left to take on a date is Daniel? I don’t give a f*ck. Maybe Canadians are good in bed.

5. Volunteer. Take your mind off your heartache by doing good for others. Stop doing all the Bachelor events and seeing the same people over and over. Step out of your comfort zone and help others. Go to a senior citizen center. Work with underprivileged children. Walk dogs at an animal shelter. If you’re pressed for time, here’s a really quick and easy way to make a difference. Post a selfie of you with a piece of fruit or a veggie with the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood. Naked Juice will donate ten pounds of produce to people living in food deserts.

Ashley I., even though you can be really annoying, you have grown on me since first meeting you on Chris’s season of The Bachelor.

In (sort of) the words of Gretchen Weiner, “Stop trying to make fetch Jared happen.”
Images courtesy of ABC.