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Holiday Gift Guide Roundup & Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


Just in time for Cyber Monday...there’s something for everyone here! This Gift Guide Roundup has been updated with even MORE awesome gift guides as of 12/10.

If you’re looking for the place to find that special gift for that special someone, look no further!

Here are a list of the best gift guides this holiday season, PLUS enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card! Read More »

Guilty Pleasures Holiday Gift Guide Shopping

Holiday Gift Guide: Teachers

holiday gift guide teachersHaving worked in a daycare and having a bunch of friends/family who are teachers, I know a thing or two about what NOT to get for a teacher or child care provider…

Things like dolls. Or bird clocks that chirp every hour. Or how about Victoria’s Secret “Pure Seduction” body lotion?

Here is a list of eight things that ARE appropriate holiday gifts for a teacher: Read More »

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Holiday Gift Guide: Guys

holiday gift guide guys

Men are difficult to shop for. I can’t promise you that every item on this list is going to be a slam-dunk for every guy. 

But I’m hopeful that if your man is into electronics, cars, or beer- then maybe there will be some good options among these picks. 

Here are 15 gifts for guys, which I have gathered with help from trusted male sources…a.k.a. “What My Husband Wants For Christmas.” Read More »

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Mom Mixer with Vaseline – Holiday Showcase


The best part about being a blogger is getting to attend fun events with brands that have great products and information to share. (And getting to meet Elmo, let’s be honest…)

This is especially fun during the holiday season when I get to test out some of the hot toys and items that are sure to be on your holiday gift list! Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the Mom Mixer with Vaseline- Holiday Showcase at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia. Read More »

Fashion Guilty Pleasures

Nacho Mama Tees Giveaway: 15 Winners!

Generally speaking, I don’t do t-shirts. They’re just not flattering.

I especially hate when people bring me back t-shirts from their vacations. It’s like, I didn’t go to Australia with you. You did. So why do I want a shirt that claims I did?

I make two exceptions. One is a fitted t-shirt, like the one my brother and sister-in-law got me from Hawaii. It is navy blue, soft, and actually has a flattering fit. Read More »

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Meet the Gorgas


What do you do when Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga is signing copies of her new book only a half hour away from your home? You grab your girlfriends, stash some wine in your purse, and have a fabulous night out meeting the Gorgas!

We didn’t arrive at the book-signing until 7:30 P.M. and it had started at 6:00. The line was already long, inching its way up and down every aisle on the second floor of Rowan University’s Barnes & Noble. Read More »

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Oh, Baby! My Adorable Shutterfly Birth Announcements

Following the birth of my second child, I was a total slacker. I forgot to do all those exciting things that are fun with the first baby…like cute birth announcements and filling out a baby book with every tiny little milestone.

Thankfully, Shutterfly gave me just the nudge I needed- they offered me the chance to design my son’s birth announcements on their website and then sent me fifty of them in order to facilitate this review. Read More »

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Bringing Up Bebe: Book Review

My sister (who does not even have children) read Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting and could not stop talking about it. She implored me to read it, but I kept putting it off.

Finally, I received an email that a Nook book had been purchased for me: Bringing Up Bébé

Okay, fine, I thought. I’ll read it. Read More »

Guilty Pleasures

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching “The Walking Dead”

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching TWD
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

When I was a kid, I always hated how there were never any new TV episodes during the summer. Although I do have a vague recollection of Melrose Place premiering in the summer. Did that really happen? If so, that was a brilliant idea.

After spending the day at the pool or the beach or in a hot, stuffy office, sometimes the most relaxing thing to do is sit in your dark, cool den and watch TV. With wine.

With the exception of a few cable shows, there’s really nothing new on right now. To combat your summer boredom, why not try out a new show? My suggestion: AMC’s The Walking DeadRead More »

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My Frugal Fashion Secret: Rent The Runway


Don’t have a huge budget for a big event? Try Rent the Runway and borrow designer duds for cheap!

Rent the Runway

This evening we have my hubby’s cousin’s wedding. I’m so excited to get dressed up, have some cocktails, and hopefully dance to songs from my youth like The Humpty Dance and Bust A Move.

Now, while I enjoy getting dressed up as much as the next girl, what I don’t enjoy is buying an expensive dress to only wear once or twice. Especially when I’m not quite back to my pre-baby weight.

Enter “Rent The Runway!” Read More »

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…{BLOGS}

Since Twitter has #FF (Follow Friday), where you give a shout-out to Twitter profiles that you want your followers to check out, I’d thought I’d do something similar today.

I would like to share a few of my favorite blogs with you. Some of them I go to for a recipe or a craft idea, some just make me laugh. 

Check them out and let me know what you think! Read More »

Books Guilty Pleasures

Summer Reading List, Part One

Summertime means going to the beach. And for me, going to the beach means relaxing with a good book.

(Well, that’s what it used to mean. Now it means building castles with moats, jumping the waves with a two-year-old, and eating goldfish in the sand.)

But I won’t begrudge the rest of you who still are able to go to the beach and enjoy a book. I know I will have that again someday…in about 20 years. Read More »

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Carry On Warrior: Book Review

Carry On Warrior

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.

When I added Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts On Life Unarmed by Glennon Doyle Melton to my Goodreads “To-Read” Bookshelf, a friend asked if I was a fan of Glennon’s blog. I was not; I had only heard of Carry On, Warrior from a blurb in a parenting magazine.

I didn’t know that author Melton also had a wildly-successful blog called Momastery, with close to 100,000 fans who follow her every post. (I tell you this to explain that I was not already a pre-established Melton fan before reading her book.) I certainly am now, though!

(Note: It appears that the Carry On Warrior has since been updated and now includes the subtitle “The Power of Embracing Your Messy and Beautiful Life.” Just in case you are looking for it and get confused!) Read More »