Birthday Parties for a Third Child

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Birthday parties for a third child are…different than the ones for your first child.

Birthday Parties for a Third Child

“I just wanted to let you know that we aren’t really doing a big party for Ben’s second birthday…I’m just inviting a few kids from the neighborhood. So don’t, like, plan any trips down here for it,” I told my mother-in-law on the phone this weekend.

“I actually don’t even feel like doing a party at all!” I confessed.

“Oh, you have to!” she responded.

But I knew she understood the hesitancy. The rules are different with third kids. In fact, you might even say, what rules?!


My almost two-year-old is still drinking a bottle before nap and bedtime.

He gets significantly less presents than his older siblings at Christmas (mainly because he’s still little and doesn’t know any better).

He lives life in not-so-gently-worn hand-me-downs.

Naptimes are optional, because he tends to get dragged around on errands and activities.

He climbs on the countertops, eats Tostitos for breakfast, and watches way more TV than his siblings did at that age.

All because…I’M TIRED!!!

Whoever said there’s a bigger difference between having one and two kids than having two and three was lying. Three children is the straw that broke this mom camel’s back.

cheers to the weekend (5)

And that is why I’ve adopted this laissez faire attitude towards parenting my third, which (unfortunately for him) includes his birthday party.

Have the party at a bouncy house place? Umm no thanks, we have some toys here for the kids.

Make a Pinterest board with creative ideas for themes? I’ll pass.

Hire a clown balloon guy to do fun balloon party favors? I think I’ll just have my husband dress up as Sir Topham Hatt instead.

As for presents, well…it was just Christmas. We have too many toys as it is. Will he really notice if I don’t get him anything??

Maybe this is the year I will start making my kids give to charity for their birthdays.

Yes. That’s what I’ll do. Two years old isn’t too young to start that, is it?

In all seriousness, though, I’m only kind of joking.

There will be pizza at this party and there will be cake. Or cupcakes. Just not some elaborately crafted three-tier thing with toppers and different colored frostings.

It will most likely be homemade with sprinkles, which truthfully is the best kind anyway.

And I’ll get him a present or two, because I’m not that heartless. Since he has recently decided that my daughter’s Bitty Baby is his baby, I’m thinking this will be a great cheap alternative…because I ain’t buying no two-year-old no $60 Bitty Baby!

Clearly I am not one of those moms who places a huge importance on treating each child equally.

I just think that life for a third child (no matter how hard you try) is going to be different.

Third kids get away with more, because their parents are focused on the older ones.

Third kids are treated like a baby for longer, because they are the youngest…unless, God bless you, you have a fourth!

Third kids are really smart and usually good manipulators because they learn from the best– their older siblings!

So you see, life as a third isn’t all bad. They just happen to get lame, half-assed birthday parties sometimes.

Image courtesy of Flickr.

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  • Elaine Podolak
    January 26, 2017 at 7:19 PM

    Being a third child myself, I totally agree with you. Somehow it all works out in the end. When the 2 older ones are out of the house, they third will hang around a little longer. He’ll get his special time then. He is well loved, and I think he knows that and really, isn’t that what matters in the end….
    Love you guys- “the mother in law” 😉

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