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The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 8 (Hometown Dates)

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Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette is significant for two reasons:

  1. It’s Hometown Dates! We get to see the parents that spawned Nick!
  2. The remaining cast is told about the death of Eric Hill, right before the Rose Ceremony. Chris Harrison sure knows how to make things dramatic!

But first, let’s get to the first date. It’s with Nick, The Man Everyone Loves to Hate.

Keep reading for The Naughty Mommy’s The Bachelorette recap of Hometown Dates!


Andi heads to Milwaukee to see Nick and his family. The two spend the day doing Wisconsin-y things like visit a brewery and dance the polka. Nick is totally relaxed and seems normal, now that he’s home. 

A very large and smiley family awaits Nick and Andi at his parents’ house.

Wait. Those are ALL his siblings?! And one of them is like eight years old?! What is going on here?!

Sister Maria is skeptical and concerned, but says that certainly it’s possible that they could legitimately be in love. She gives Andi a serious grilling and is definitely the scariest of the family members that Andi talks to.

Hang on! Little eight-year-old Bella lobs some pretty tough questions for Andi from her little handwritten list. Oh wow. She is adorable. When Bella reports back to Nick about her interview with Andi, she first tells Nick that Andi said she loves him. (She did not.) Then Bella tells him that maybe she just said that she “likes” him. Thanks for the help, Bella! #not

The parents and family members give Andi the thumbs up. Nick still waits to tell Andi that he loves her, but as she drives away he tells us, “I don’t think of her as “The Bachelorette” anymore. I just think of her as my girl.” Awwwww!


Oh goodness. Chris lives in a town of 758 people. Welcome to Arlington, Iowa! Who on earth would Andi prosecute here? People who go cow-tipping? 

Even before she gets to Chris, Andi admits that while she is excited to see Chris, it doesn’t mean she could necessarily live in Iowa…but she’s feeling “open” about it.

Andi is impressed by the fact that Chris owns a house and that his backyard is acres and acres of farmland. And by impressed, she means “desperate to try to figure out how to dump him immediately.”

She gamely goes for a tractor ride, which legitimately looks like fun. But still, after the tractor ride, what else is there, really?

They discuss what Andi’s career would be if she moved here. Chris suggests “homemaker.” This doesn’t appear to sit well with Andi.

As they picnic in the hay fields, a plane flies over them bearing the message “CHRIS LOVES ANDI.” Cheese-central if you ask me, but Andi loooooves it.

Andi and Chris go to meet his family and squeeze in for dinner at a cozy dinner table. Chris’s sister Lori makes a fart joke and all is good. This farm crew is a bunch of funny gals!

Chris’s mom lets Andi know that she can either have a career or not have a career on the farm…because she’s got GUMPTION! She tells Andi she loves her, but I can tell by Andi’s body language that she knows this is the last time she will ever see this amazing lady.

The whole gang plays Ghost in the Graveyard. Not scary at all to play it in the pitch-black darkness at a farm. Nope.

They say goodbye and Andi pretends like she could see a future with Chris, but I’m not buyin’ it!


Andi excitedly arrives in Dallas to meet Josh and his family. Josh is just as excited, if not more so. He brings Andi to the baseball field for a game and some flirtin’.

Andi hits some balls, chews some sunflower seeds, and breaks her bat. Josh tells Andi that the focus of the family lately is his brother Aaron entering the NFL draft. Andi worries that Aaron’s going to take attention away from her Josh tonight. “How often is it that a family prepares their son for the draft?” she asks the camera.

(Ummm, what exactly does the family have to do to prepare him? He did all the athletic work already.)

The family does discuss Aaron’s success, and Andi is visibly upset that no one acknowledges what a big deal it is that JOSH has made it Week 8 of The Bachelorette. I mean, it’s pretty much the same level as getting drafted by and NFL team. Thinks Andi.

Josh’s mom tells Andi that she can see that Josh is in love with her. Josh’s dad informs Andi that if Aaron has a football game on a Sunday, the whole family travels to it. Thankfully, Josh’s sister Stephanie acknowledges that Andi and Josh’s own family will be their priority.

The family plays a little touch football in the backyard and Andi totally fits in. She could definitely end up with him.


Marcus takes Andi on a drive to show her a day in his life. Andi confesses (to the camera) that this date will let her know whether or not her feelings can catch up to Marcus’s feelings. Oh man! I thought they were on the same page. I love Marcus.

Anyway, in order to reenact their relationship so far, Marcus does a strip tease for Andi at an empty bar. Andi likey! “He is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever dated!”

Andi admits that she is nervous to meet Marcus’s family. He asks her why and she says, “I don’t know!” but really it’s because he basically said that his mom was abusive when he was young. Am I right?

The family seems normal enough. Mom seems nice. Sister and brother care about Marcus. Niece made Andi a crappy bracelet. #Seemslegit

Andi confides in Marcus’s sister that her feelings aren’t quite at Marcus’s level, but the sister tells Andi that she’s sure that if they stay together that she will eventually catch up. Great advice! Just marry Marcus and hope that love follows!

Marcus’s mom is very surprised when Andi tells her that Marcus has been open with her. 

Marcus again tells Andi he loves her before she leaves. Tough decisions coming up for Andi!

Special Meeting

And now for the announcement that Eric Hill died. The cast gathers at Chris Harrison’s house and wonders what’s up. 

Obviously, Chris tells Andi, Chris, Josh, Marcus, and Nick that Eric passed away. But first, they wait for Andi and the guys sit there sweating, wondering what could possibly be up.

No one speaks for awhile. Lots of eye-rubbing and silent tears. Then Marcus gets up and walks out. Andi follows. Definitely an awkward dynamic happening. I’m sure every guy wants to comfort Andi, yet all four of them are there together.

Then they let the crew members come into the shot and hug all the cast members. Very interesting. Andi breaks down while hugging a female crew member, and can be heard saying “I can’t believe that was the last conversation I had with him.” Ouch.

You all remember that conversation, right? When Andi yelled at Eric and kicked him out for expressing his feelings that Andi was acting fake?

Rose Ceremony

Andi cries to Chris Harrison about how she has to be strong for the guys tonight and blah, blah, blah. It’s All About Andi!

She manages to give a pep talk about picking up the pieces together. Well, except for whoever you send home tonight. Cough-Chris-Cough.

The first rose goes to…

nobody! Andi has to step out and cry some more. 

While Andi composes herself, let me mention that Nick is looking dapper in a pinkish sport coat.

And we’re back! Josh gets the first rose. CHRIS GETS THE SECOND ONE?!? No way.

The final rose goes to…


Oh god. Marcus is going home. Poor sweet Marcus. Marcus, I will give you a rose. Call me.

Next week: overnight dates! Andi wonders if Josh is too good to be true, and she proclaims that her “head and her heart don’t match up.”

Photos courtesy of ABC.


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  • Susan
    July 7, 2014 at 10:29 PM

    And Marcus goes home?? What the hell was she thinking? or wasn’t she?

    • Lindsay
      July 8, 2014 at 9:25 AM

      She wasn’t in love with him, I guess!