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Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

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My thoughts on the end of Bachelor in Paradise…

This season felt so short, but I guess stopping production for several weeks to investigate a non-sexual assault incident will do that to a season!

It seemed a bit anti-climatic, if you ask me.

The best part of the show was talking to the cast after the show had been done for several weeks.

Let’s discuss how each “couple” ended up…

Derek & Taylor

I suppose this is the BIG NEWS of the finale. Derek proposed to Taylor when he was being interviewed by Chris Harrison.

Taylor had told Derek that she wasn’t sure she could fall in love with him until they had sex, so I guess what happened in the Fantasy Suite was good.

Good for them, although I find them uber-boring and I doubt they will ever reach Jade/Tanner popularity status.

Amanda & Robby

Amanda ended things with Robby on the last day of Paradise because she didn’t feel like they had a realistic shot of making it in the “real world.”

At the finale/After the Final Rose interview thingy, Amanda revealed that they ended up trying to date outside of Paradise but it didn’t work out.

According to her, she gave Robby like a zillion chances.

This is when the twins pipe in that Robby cheated on Amanda with a girl in Colorado.

Judging by how defensive and rude Robby was acting in the interview, I’m guessing Amanda dodged a bullet here. I mean, Robby’s not as bad as Josh, but he’s no catch.

Lacey & Daniel

File this under “Couples I Don’t Care About.” 

Lacey and Daniel left Paradise as a couple after Lacey told Daniel she was “falling for him” and Daniel reciprocated that. Kind of.

Lacey claims that was him telling her he loves her, but I side with Daniel. “Falling for someone” doesn’t mean “I love you.”

We learn that Daniel came to visit Lacey for six days in New York and spent a total of one hour with her alone. 

So they are over.

Raven & Adam

They are still a couple and are as cute as can be!

Adam told us that Raven was meeting his family this weekend, and Raven surprised him by bringing her mom and dad out from the audience so they could meet Adam.

No pressure, though! 

I could see these two going the distance.

Dean & Kristina & D-Lo

Ummm yeah. So this was awkward. 

Dean broke up with D-Lo on the final day of Paradise, just as D-Lo was expressing her excitement for the Fantasy Suite and leaving Paradise with Dean as her boyfriend.

So I guess D-Lo is as clueless as Kristina was.

Anyway, the reason Dean dumps D-Lo is because he says he still loves Kristina.

We come to find out, Dean called D-Lo an hour after leaving Paradise and they apparently banged.

Then he left and tried to get back together with Kristina, which ultimately didn’t work.

The moral of the story is, Dean has no morals.

The other “couples” of Diggy/Jaimi/Dominique, Christen/Jack Stone, and Jasmine/Tickle Monster didn’t make it either.

So that’s how Paradise ended. With two relationships and a lot of scallop jokes.

Until next year, Paradise lovers…

Images courtesy of ABC.

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