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Baby Registry Essentials

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Find out what you NEED and what you definitely DON’T NEED when making your baby registry!

Baby Registry Essentails
Over the years I’ve had many a friend and relative ask: What do I put on my baby registry?!

I finally decided to put it in a helpful post for you to use, Pin, and share with your friends. You can even print it out! (Printable version at the bottom of this post.)

What’s great about this list is that it doubles as a list of ideas for baby shower or new baby gifts.

Now, I’m not saying that you need EVERYTHING on this list. Much of it depends on what kind of space you have in your home, whether or not you’re breastfeeding (there’s a few nursing accessories on here), and whether or not you want a lot of the baby “stuff.” Some people don’t want a vibrating baby chair. Some swear by it! So peruse through the list at your leisure and decide what among this makes up your essentials list.

If you’re not sure where to register, here are my suggestions: Amazon, Babies “R” Us, Target, and Buy Buy Baby are all great places. Or just start at The Bump to have all your registries conveniently managed in one place.

Here’s what you should consider putting on your baby registry…

  • White noise machine: A must-have when you’re trying to help baby sleep through the night. It mimics the noises they heard in the womb!
  • Musical crib aquarium: I never had one of these, but the moms I polled swear by it! Plays music as your child drifts off to sleep.
  • Pack & play: It’s a second place for your baby to sleep, plus it travels. Will later double as a toddler prison.
  • Bassinet: I used mine for only two weeks (and shorter w/ each successive child) because I wanted them in their own rooms in their cribs, but you might use it for longer.
  • Chicco Keyfit 30 Car Seat: The Chicco Keyfit 30 is great, because it easily clicks in and out of the base and can be carried into stores without taking your child and an out. It also has the option to fit with your Chicco stroller! (Make sure you get a car seat that can easily pop into the compatible stroller– it will make car to store transition much easier!)
  • Pampers Swaddlers & Wipes: There’s a reason why hospitals use Pampers Swaddlers for newborns- they are the best diapers for your new little one. Sidenote– once my kids are in size 2 diapers, I switch to cheaper brands, like Target. But I only use Pampers for my newborns!
  • Baby monitor: Only you can choose whether you want a video monitor or just audio. I didn’t want a video because I felt I would obsess over every little move, when really all I wanted was to be able to hear if the baby was screaming when I was on a different floor.
  • Breast pump: But first, check to see if your insurance covers a good breast pump for you! Mine did last time around, but I imagine the rules are always changing and everyone’s insurance is a little different. If yours does cover a good breast pump, you can always register for the accessories like milk storage bags.

  • Vitamin D drops (if you are nursing, your doctor will recommend a D supplement for the baby)
  • Bottles
  • Baby carrier: There are so many different kinds…the Moby, Ergo, Baby Bjorn…you are going to have to do some research to see which kind you like. I could never get used to any of them, truth be told.
  • StorkSak Olivia Diaper Bag: I can’t express my love for this diaper bag in just a few sentences, so you’ll have to read my full review here. Basically, the StorkSak Olivia is stylish and functional. I have room to fit diapers, wipes, changing pad, bottles, extra clothes, PLUS all of my own junk!
  • Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper: Another thing I never had, but everyone swears by it.
  • Baby swing: Not sure if you need a Rock & Play and a baby swing, but we loved our baby swing for those fussy days/nights.
  • Nose Frida: Again, never used this but people love it.
  • MAM Pacifiers: These are adorable and designed by pediatric dentists…combining soothing comfort for babies plus healthy teeth and jaw development.
  • BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner: Now that doctors say not to use regular bumpers in your child’s crib, it’s been a struggle for me to keep my kids’ pacifiers in their cribs at night. The BreathableBaby Crib Liner solves that problem by serving the same purpose as a traditional bumper, but with the safety of breathable mesh.
  • Car shades & mirror
  • PRIMO EuroBath: This was the tub of choice for both of our families, because it’s great for containing wriggly babies. The PRIMO EuroBath takes your child from newborn all the way to two years, and it’s easily washable.
  • Two great books to help you help your baby sleepBaby S.T.E.P.S. to Better Sleep and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
  • Wine sippy cup: Because the days are long, my friend.
  • Breastmilk alcohol testing strips (see above)
  • Must Love Wine e-book: For those nights when you are up with the baby and need a chuckle to get through the sleeplessness and the dark hours.
  • Stroller: You can get one that is compatible with your car seat or you can just get a regular stroller. They are all pretty good, depending on the terrain and where you’re going. People seem to like Britax and BOB strollers.
  • My Brest Friend: This pillow fits around your waist so baby can snuggly rest on it while nursing. My Brest Friend was one of the few items I made sure to pack in my hospital bag when I went to have my baby!

Along those lines, here are items that (in my opinion) you DON’T need to put on your baby registry…and I’ll tell you why.

  • Clothes: People will pick out adorable outfits all on their own. Even if you did put specific outfits on your registry, you will still get loads of outfits that aren’t on your registry. People like picking out baby clothes. It’s just a fun thing to do!
  • Books: Same as clothes. People like to pick out a book that has a special meaning to them or their own kids liked it.
  • Toys: Your baby doesn’t really need any toys for the first several months and again, this is something people attending your shower or visiting you after the baby is born will pick up on a whim.
  • Wipes warmer: Silliest thing I’ve ever heard of. Unless for some reason you have to store your baby’s wipes in an ice-box, there’s no need to warm up the wipes before use.
  • Sophie the Giraffe: Chances are, someone will get you this teether anyway, but can we just be over Sophie? I know she’s cute, but $25 for a giraffe that your kids chew on? None of my kids even liked her.

Want a printable version of this baby registry list that you can bring with you to the store? 

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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