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Penny For Your Thoughts…RHONJ Recap

Who will stab Melissa in the back next? Find out in this RHONJ recap ahead!

Newly lovey-dovey sisters-in-law Teresa and Melissa get together at Melissa’s house. Melissa shows Teresa the cover for her new book, Love, Italian Style.

Teresa thinks Melissa looks gorgeous, but wonders why Joe isn’t on the cover with her, if it’s a book about marriage. Read More »


Spotted: Teresa Guidice!

So Monday evening around 10:00 P.M. I was checking my email and saw one from my mother-in-law. The subject line was “Real housewives.” 

I was intrigued, because I know my mother-in-law doesn’t watch any of the Housewives shows. I opened it up and lo and behold- it was a tale of a Teresa Guidice sighting on Long Beach Island!

Here is the scoop: Read More »

RHOC TV Recaps

The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion {Part One} Recap

Welcome to the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion, Part One! Get ready for rehashing some old fights…in some cases, fights that go back to Season One! Keep reading for your RHOC recap!

Gretchen looks like a beauty pageant queen. Lydia looks like a fairy. Vicki looks fabulous, especially her glittery eye shadow (but minus her earrings). Tamra’s teeth look funny. Alexis looks pretty. Heather has too much eye shadow. (Andy looks the best of the bunch, as usual.) Read More »

RHOM TV Recaps

New Beginnings? {RHOM Recap}

Confession: I have not been a faithful Real Housewives of Miami watcher from the start. I only watched a few eps last season and then marathoned some over the weekend. But…I LOVE IT! And I am so looking forward to this season!

Alexia’s back as a fulltime Housewife, and Marysol, Ana, and Karent are out. (Although Marysol and Ana still appear on the show.) Read More »


I Look Like a Turtle: RHONJ Recap

Are you dying to know how Teresa and Jacqueline’s meeting ended? Do you want to know who said, “I look like a turtle?” Keep reading your RHONJ recap to find out!

Last week, we left Teresa and Jacqueline in the midst of their sitdown. Maybe it’s because I was just watching the RHOM reunion with the fiery Miami ladies, but this storyline is just so lame. I’m over it. Either be friends or don’t- just stop talking about it. Read More »

RHOC TV Recaps

RHOC Season 8 Highlights {PLUS} a Wines by Wives GIVEAWAY!

Just in time for the Reunion, I bring you The Top 10 Highlights of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 8 AND a fabulous giveaway for some Wines by Wives!

10. The Return of Lauri. I used to love Lauri. Like, she was my fave housewife back in the day. And I was so happy for her when she found her knight in shining armor, George. But then she came back this season in full-on bitch mode, just to stir up trouble for Vicki. Which begs the question, why did she come back at all? If George is so super-rich, she obviously doesn’t need the money. And she claims to be so busy with her 8 million kids and horses, so…what’s up with her return? We did just fine without you for the past several years, Lauri. Take a hike! Read More »


The Best Parenting Books To Check Out

Best Parenting Books to Check Out

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.

My sister (who doesn’t have kids yet, mind you) has been hassling me to read this book called Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. She said it’s a parenting game-changer.

Apparently the French are PERFECT at raising cute little croissant-eating geniuses who sleep through the night and are well-behaved. Also, the French love wine…so obviously, I trust their judgment. Read More »

Me, Myself, & I Parenting Relationships

Parenting Goals: My Happiness Project, August

 Parenting. It’s a 24/7 job that comes with no manual. No instruction book for “What to do when they won’t eat fruit. Or vegetables.”

You kind of just have to wing it. And if you’re like me, half the time you think that you’re failing. So while we all know that being a parent is ultimately rewarding and filled with many moments of joy, this month I want to address the many more moments of parenting frustration that I go through. 

Basically, I want to pay more attention to my parenting, possibly learn some new skills, and feel happier about the time spent with my children. Read More »

RHOC TV Recaps

Ryan’s Rage: RHOC Recap

For the love of all that’s holy, can Heather please shut up about Malibu Country? I’m serious. Can she? Or is it physically impossible for her?

Find out in this RHOC  Season Finale recap!

We rejoin our favorite Beverly Hills-knockoff housewives at Vicki’s Winter Wonderland party. SHHH! Stop talking shit about Gretchen- here she comes! And she’s late, Heather would like to point out. Read More »

The Bachelorette TV Recaps

Who Won The Bachelorette? {Season Finale Recap}

Will Part 2 of The Bachelorette Season Finale live up to the hype? “The most shocking conclusion ever!” “You think you know, but you have NO idea!”

Keep reading to find out who (if anyone) gets the final rose from Desiree…

After last week’s heartbreaking turn of events, Des is still reeling. Chris Harrison sits down with her for a chat and asks if she’s okay. Duh, of course she’s not. He tries to comfort her with some awkward hand-holding. Not helping, Harrison. Read More »


D.T.F. At The Clam Hut: RHONJ Recap

The retreat is over. Dr. V has left the building. Will Teresa still play nice with everyone? Is Rosie D.T.F.? Find out in the RHONJ recap ahead!

Melissa and her sons visit Joe at the construction site for one of his buildings. While there, Joe gets a call about appearing on a billboard for Sizzle Tans. How not-at-all-cheesy. Read More »

Friendship Relationships

Friendships Revisited

For the month of July, I focused on Friendship for My Happiness Project. I wanted to make friendship a priority in my life, something that has been difficult since the birth of my children. 

I set out to complete my tasks of: remember birthdays, hang out with friends once a week, call friends more, and get rid of toxic friendships.

I must say, I did pretty well for this month. I set up an online birthday reminder system. I got together with a friend each week. I attempted to talk on the phone with a few people (hey, it’s not my fault if they don’t answer!). And I stopped pursuing relationships with those who I felt were toxic.

Read More »

RHOC TV Recaps

Tupperware Face: RHOC Recap

Hasn’t Slade learned his lesson by now? Nope! He’s at it again, calling Vicki names. This time it’s “Tupperware Face” instead of “Miss Piggy.” At least he’s inventive?

Read on for your recap of this week’s Real Housewives of Orange County! Read More »

The Bachelorette TV Recaps

Babbling Brooks: Bachelorette Recap

Rose lovers and Bachelor Nation, are you ready? It’s time for “the television event of the summer!” I hate to break it to ABC, but I’m pretty sure that would be Sharknado. But no, apparently it’s The Bachelorette‘s two-part season finale! Read on for your Bachelorette recap.

Part One of “the most dramatic finale yet” begins like all the rest. Des reminisces about her crazy journey to end up in Antigua with Brooks, Chris, and Drew. Read More »


Hug Me, Bitch: RHONJ Recap

Last week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey left me in tears. What’s in store for this week? Keep reading for your RHONJ recap!

We left with Joe Gorga and Teresa hugging it out in a tender sibling moment. They separate, and Joe tells his sister that she needs to put her dukes down and stop fighting in order to make their relationship better.

Teresa says she wants to get along with everyone, including Melissa. Dr. V agrees and goes downstairs to get Melissa, who is busy trash-talking Teresa to Rosie, Caroline, and the Wakiles. Read More »

Activities Parenting Problems/Tips

Baby’s First Road Trip

So I was hemming and hawing over whether or not to head to Ohio for the funeral of a friend’s family member. N is only six weeks old. Do I subject him to the seven-plus hour car ride? 

I really wanted to be there for my friend, who has been a part of my life for close to twenty years. 

But I kept picturing a screaming baby, struggling to get comfortable in his car seat…and me driving, freaking out that I couldn’t soothe him from the front seat.  Read More »

The Bachelorette TV Recaps

The Men Tell All: Bachelorette Recap

The Men Tell All special starts off with the usual nonsense. Crashing viewer parties, and “getting advice” about bad boys from former Bachelorettes Emily Maynard, Ashley Hebert, and Ali Fedotowsky.

Where do these parties exist? Most of the people I know that still watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (or heaven forbid, Bachelor Pad) are embarrassed and watch it in secret. Read More »


He’s Biting My Nuts: RHONJ Recap

We join the Joe-on-Joe fight already in progress…Keep reading to find out who emerges victorious (no one) and who will want to gouge their eyes out after certain scenes from this episode (everyone). All that and more in this RHONJ recap!

As Joe Giudice handily topples Joe Gorga, the crew of Melissa, Rosie, Rich, and Kathy all rush to break the fight up. Teresa, on the other hand, runs straight for the door, yelling “Call the cops!” Read More »

Fashion Guilty Pleasures Products Reviews Shopping

My Frugal Fashion Secret: Rent The Runway


Don’t have a huge budget for a big event? Try Rent the Runway and borrow designer duds for cheap!

Rent the Runway

This evening we have my hubby’s cousin’s wedding. I’m so excited to get dressed up, have some cocktails, and hopefully dance to songs from my youth like The Humpty Dance and Bust A Move.

Now, while I enjoy getting dressed up as much as the next girl, what I don’t enjoy is buying an expensive dress to only wear once or twice. Especially when I’m not quite back to my pre-baby weight.

Enter “Rent The Runway!” Read More »

Parenting Problems/Tips

To Tip Or Not To Tip?

I was cleaning out my desk drawers yesterday and came across my folder full of hospital paperwork from when I had the baby: discharge instructions, a screening for postpartum depression, information on getting the birth certificate, etc.

There was also a paper that said “Thank you from the staff of Kennedy Maternity Center for allowing us to care for you and your family!” Then it listed the names of all the nurses who cared for me during my stay. Read More »