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Why I Walk: Guest Post

Sarah Hughes Preeclampsia Photo

Today is the first day of May and the first day of Preeclampsia Awareness Month. My friend Sarah wrote this post for me last year, but it’s so important that it’s worth re-publishing each year.

Every time I share her story, whether it be on my blog, Facebook, or Twitter, I will always get at least one woman thanking me…saying that she has these symptoms and will now ask her doctor about them. So that is why I am sharing it again today. If you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant, read this post and learn the signs.

The following was written by Sarah Hughes, coordinator for the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in Philadelphia/South Jersey. In it, she shares her experience with preeclampsia and why she walks to raise awareness. Read More »


Pregnancy Perks

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Pregnancy…it’s not ALL bad, right? Here are the top ten pregnancy perks!

Pregnancy Perks
While lately I’ve taken to complaining to anyone who will listen that being pregnant sucks, I would like to clarify that.

It really is not all that terrible…I’m just a complainer by nature. So in order to reassure some friends I have who are a bit worried about being pregnant for nine months, I’d like to offer this list of the ten best pregnancy perks! Read More »

Parenting Problems/Tips

Daycare 101 (Part 3): Choosing A Daycare That’s Right For You


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So you’ve narrowed it down to a few select daycare centers and you’re ready to go visit.

(Even if you don’t live in the area, I highly stress the fact that it is absolutely necessary to look at the facility in person.  A place can sound wonderful over the phone and through pictures on the Internet, but in reality it could be a dump.) 

If possible, bring along a spouse, family member, or friend to get a second opinion on the place.  Here are the questions you should ask when you are in the process of choosing a daycare:

Read More »

RHOC TV Recaps

Quick, Quick, Slow: RHOC Recap

Are you missing the Housewives of Beverly Hills yet? I’m not! I think this season is going to be fun with the trashier, less well-off crew from Orange County. So here’s your RHOC recap, slightly delayed thanks to a TiVo freak-out mid-episode.  Read More »

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Mastering the Mommy Track

In my April Happiness Project post last week, I mentioned a book called Mastering the Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids in Uncertain Times by Erin Flynn Jay. It was in that book that I got the inspiration to focus on Marriage for the month of April. A chapter about keeping romance alive in a marriage suggested focusing on “the marriage trunk of the family tree.” This was just one of the many helpful ideas I took from Mastering the Mommy Track. Read More »


Topless Lunches: Guest Post

The following is a guest post written for The Naughty Mommy by Marta LaRusso, a sleep-deprived working mom with a never ending to-do list and an adorable son that makes it all worthwhile.

With the recent media attention given to working moms vs. stay-at-home moms, I thought it might be appropriate to break down the stereotypes we see plastered all over Facebook…a powerful female CEO that “has it all:” career, baby, attractive husband…you know what I’m getting at. Or a stay-at-home mom dressed to the nines serving freshly baked organic cookies as her children do arts and crafts. Let’s be honest- neither job is as glamorous as Facebook implies. I thought it might be fitting to start a movement to depict the realities of being a mom, and I encourage both working moms and stay-at-home moms to do the same. Read More »

Marriage Me, Myself, & I Relationships

My Happiness Project: April

My focus for My Happiness Project in April is Marriage. I was inspired by a chapter in Erin Flynn Jay’s book Mastering the Mommy Track that talked about the necessity of making time for romance. One of Jay’s subtitles in that chapter was “Focus on the marriage trunk of the family tree.” That image really stuck with me. I think I focus more on being a mom than being a wife, which I would guess is common when you have young children. But I don’t know if I could be a good mom without a strong marriage foundation. So it’s about time I went about watering the marriage trunk of my family tree! Read More »


The Pillow: RHOBH Reunion Recap

Back at the RHOBH Reunion (Part 2), the ladies and Andy continue to rehash the drama of this season. First up is Adrienne’s breakup with Paul and speculation on what drove them to divorce. None of the Housewives believe that Paul abused Adrienne, as was put out in the press. Brandi doesn’t feel responsible for their marriage ending either, nor should she. Read More »


The Daycare Countdown

The countdown has begun. Only six more weeks until my daughter starts daycare. Can you tell that I’m excited? As the birth of my second child looms just 11 weeks away, I’m feeling the end of pregnancy pains in a major way. My sciatica that started as a minor nuisance, only flaring up when I exercised, has now turned into a full-blown (literal) pain in my ass. So I’m really looking forward to May 13 and a blissful 4.5 hours alone to sit down and relax, something I don’t really get to do as a stay-at-home mom of a 22-month old. Read More »


Reunion, Part One: RHOBH Recap

Andy Cohen opens up the hour by stating that (as we already know) Adrienne failed to show up for the Reunion and will not be back for next season, as well. Was not coming to the Reunion cowardly? Brandi says yes. Kyle says no. I say yes. Yes wins! Read More »


All’s Well That Ends Well? (RHOBH Recap)

I don’t recall Bravo ever doing a season finale episode paired with the reunion right after, but hey, I’m not complaining! Time for the final RHOBH recap of the season, and what a doozie it is! We finish up the season at Ken & Lisa’s housewarming/vow renewal party.  Read More »


Adventure Aquarium a.k.a. Camden Aquarium

Camden Aquarium
Disclosure: Adventure Aquarium provided me with a free ticket to attend. All opinions expressed are my own and based on observations from my trip there. 

Despite having lived in South Jersey for about five years now, I had never been to Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, known to some people as the Camden Aquarium. It’s right on the waterfront and easily accessible from the highway.

I figured the aquarium was more for kids than adults. I finally went yesterday and actually had a great time. Adventure Aquarium really is an experience that all ages will enjoy!

I especially like how this is an outing that is not dependent on good weather, like the zoo or a farm. Read More »

Parenting Problems/Tips

How Much TV is Too Much for Toddlers?

On Monday I wrote about how much TV my husband and I watch. That brought up another concern I have: how much TV is too much for toddlers? My daughter is just about 22 months old now, and she seems to be a little too into watching “her shows.” I have friends who don’t let their children watch any television, and I have friends that really don’t care about it. I’m somewhere in between. Read More »