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Apollo and Phaedra in Trouble, Plus RHONJ & Pump Rules

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A Hot Cup of Reali-Tea

Lots of Real Housewives action this week…finally!

Real Housewives of Atlanta returned on Sunday, while Real Housewives of New Jersey ended after Parts 2 and 3 of the Reunion aired.

Apollo and Phaedra were a huge source of discussion in the RHOA premiere, while Teresa got emotional in the RHONJ season ender.

Here’s my take on all of that, plus some Vanderpump Rules criticism.

RHONJ Reunion Part 2

I know a bunch of people missed Part 2 of the RHONJ Reunion when it first aired last Thursday, but I tried to warn you on my Facebook page!

Why Bravo chose to throw all the Reunion installments into nine days instead of spreading them out over three weeks, I do not know.

While Part 1 of the RHONJ Reunion focused heavily on Dina, there was more with the Guidices in Part 2.

Teresa says she is a changed woman from the Teresa we met in Season 1. Hmmm. For all Teresa’s talk of being changed and not materialistic anymore, I just don’t see it. She just flaunts it less. I guess that could be considered a positive change.

With regards to her jail sentence, Teresa says that she didn’t understand that accepting a plea deal could lead to time behind bars. #WorstLawyersEver?

The guys came out for a little while and there was a very interesting moment when Andy asked Joe Gorga, “Do you blame Joe Guidice for what’s happening to your sister?”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

Joe Gorga was silent for a few beats and then said, “It happened. I’m not blaming anybody. It happened. I’m just gonna be here for them and support them and that’s it. That’s what family does, right?”

The best moment of all came when Jim Marchese and Bobby were going at it, with accusations flying that Bobby cheats on Nicole, that Bobby just wanted to be on TV, etc. Jim pulled out a series of photographs– Bobby with Melissa at a book signing. Bobby with Teresa at a book signing.

Basically, Jim is implying that Bobby just went around to these autograph signings and tried desperately to get on the show because he’s a fame whore. Bobby couldn’t really deny it, and all the photos of him and the Housewives were hysterical.

Apollo and Phaedra Hit the Skids

Real Housewives of Atlanta has slowly crept up there to be in my top two favorite Real Housewives franchises, along with Beverly Hills.

The Atlanta ladies just know how to bring it. The premiere episode was heavily focused on Apollo’s sentencing day and it was filled with tense, raw moments between Apollo and Phaedra…culminating in Apollo telling Phaedra he wants a divorce.

Apollo and Phaedra 3

I’m surprised that this is how it went down, because I always assumed that Phaedra was just waiting for the right opportunity to cut ties with Apollo. I didn’t think he would be the one to say the “D” word.

Not like I can blame him– his speech about how he could have spent the morning before his sentencing with his kids or come home to a family waiting for him was really sad. I kinda felt for him, especially because he genuinely showed remorse for his crimes (unlike some other Bravolebrities.)

This doesn’t mean that I think Apollo and Phaedra should stay together– I do not. Phaedra has every right to ditch his lying, scheming a**.

Apollo and Phaedra 4

If you missed RHOA, you can get my full BuddyTV recap here or just check out my post of the Top 5 Moments from the RHOA premiere

Vanderpump Rules

How do I put this kindly?

Vanderpump Rules, it’s only the second episode in and you’re already boring me.

Jax is being a responsible, mature guy…being honest with his girlfriends and getting Stassi’s name removed from his arm. Lame.

Scheana got hurt. Again. Been there, done that. Twice. There was the foot, then the tooth, and now the foot again.

Oh and Scheana’s birthday erupted into a fight. Again.

Apollo and Phaedra 5

Tom Sandoval made a four minute long crying video apologizing to Scheana for fighting at her party. Are you kidding me?

And Lisa fired Kristen’s boyfriend, thereby eliminating any more potential drama between him and Tom at SUR.

I have some suggestions to liven the show up a bit…

Can Stassi the Bitch come back to work, please? Can Jax start hooking up with Brandi Glanville the next time she comes into SUR?

Can Katie drink tequila while working? And can they add a new male cast member that I actually find attractive? (I can’t decide if Kristen’s British boyfriend is legitimately cute or not. I’m thinking not.)

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RHONJ Reunion Part Three

Well, we got to hear Rino finally deny, on camera, that he slept with his mother-in-law. He also denies that he ever even said that to Victoria Gotti.

Once again, Teresa Guidice and even Dina get blamed for spreading this rumor. For the hundredth time, it was Victoria Gotti’s fault! Teresa told Dina with no motives other than to warn her about it.

Dina then told the twins because, hey, maybe they’d want to know what was being said about their mom.

Apollo and Phaedra

The ladies had some final thoughts on the season…

Dina regrets coming back on the show. The back-and-forth he said/she said “doesn’t sit well” with her. (The paycheck does, though.)

Teresa can’t believe that this will most likely be her last season on the show and she basically blames it for all of her legal problems.

I don’t think I need the twins back next season. The relentless hounding of Teresa G. and Dina about the Rino rumor was just ridiculous. 

Their family should have laughed it off instead of bringing it up every chance they got. 

I don’t even know what cast members I’d keep to make the show good next season. Any thoughts?

Have you checked out my list of The Worst Real Househusbands of All Time?

Images courtesy of Bravo.

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