Anatomy of The Day Matt Lauer Was Fired

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What a day!

5:45 A.M. Wake up. Empty dishwasher. Make lunch for my husband and daughter. 

7:00 A.M. Get my daughter on the bus. Television is on…but not on NBC, because #kids. Clean kitchen while they watch Lego Ninjago or some crap like that.

7:31 A.M. Get a Voxer (it’s a voice messaging app kind of like a walkie talkie) from my friend Stephanie telling me that Matt Lauer was terminated due to sexual misconduct and they only told Savannah Guthrie right before she went on the air.

7:32 A.M. Send my response back to her and my other friend Allie: “OH MY GOD! Are you serious? Are you serious? Oh my God, I’m looking this up online right now. Oh my God.”

7:33 A.M. Have immediate reaction of shock. They FIRED Matt Lauer?! I thought he was NBC’s Golden Boy!

7:37 A.M. Realize a few minutes later that I’m not actually shocked. Matt Lauer has always kind of rubbed me the wrong way (no pun intended). I found him to be pompous. Chat with several of my girlfriends and come to the conclusion that we all thought Matt Lauer was a jerk. Hmmm.

7:40 A.M. Call my mom to wake her up with this news. She is shocked.

7:58 A.M. Message my husband at work the following…

(I mean, honestly. Such a typical response from my husband, who still insists at 8:00 P.M. on this Matt Lauer-filled day that he has no idea who Matt Lauer is…”I don’t watch The Today Show. I have a job.”

8:05 A.M. Get on the treadmill while still discussing the scandal with my friends. We collectively feel that A) there must have been good proof in order for this to happen so quickly and B) NBC really stepped up by firing him after this one incident, considering he was their big star.

8:45 A.M. Remember that there used to be rumors about Matt having an affair with Natalie Morales before she left the show. Hmmm.

9:36 A.M. See more and more women’s responses on Facebook that “aren’t surprised” or “never liked him anyway.” 

10:14 A.M. Google “Matt Lauer” for the 17th time this morning. Waiting for updates, because surely there is more than just this one accusation.

11:00 A.M. Twitter reminds the world that several incidents from Matt’s past make this story all the more believable. Things like an old interview with Anne Hathaway or Katie Couric saying how Matt was always pinching her ass when she worked with him. 

11:22 A.M. It comes out that the incident that got Matt Lauer fired happened during the 2014 Olympics. Why is it coming out now, people want to know? Because female victims are finally being heard and believed when they stand up against men in power! Without the toppling of people like Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K., this may not have ever been made public. (My take on it, anyway.)

11:25 A.M. Get a text from my brother-in-law. My sister had her baby. Hooray! Years later, I will undoubtedly always remember the day of little Kaleb’s birth as the day Matt Lauer got fired.

1:20 P.M. Read that both Variety and The New York Times were working on pieces exposing Matt Lauer’s behavior. And supposedly, NBC knew about it. Suddenly NBC isn’t looking quite so courageous anymore.

3:06 P.M. Spend considerable amounts of time wondering what will Matt Lauer do now? (Besides sleep in.) Will he let himself be interviewed about this? Will he disappear? Write a book? Go to “sex rehab?”

4:15 P.M. Stories start to pile up…He exposed himself to a female colleague. He gave another colleague a sex toy as a gift. And perhaps the most damning of all– he had a secret button under his desk that allowed him to lock his office door from the inside. For “privacy.”

4:21 P.M. Still grappling with the secret button story. Did the staff know about this? Did they think it was normal?  

7:02 P.M. Am fairly certain that NBC knew about a lot of this beforehand. It is now being said that at least a few of the women had complained to higher-ups in the office but nothing happened. (Thus negating the statement that this was Matt’s first complaint in twenty years of working there.)

8:00 P.M. Read story claiming that Matt left the city this morning in order to meet his sixteen-year-old son at his prep school and tell him about this in person. Also learn from story that Matt’s youngest child is named “Thijs.” How did I not know this and how is this unique name pronounced? 

8:42 P.M. And now, finally, we have a story published by Vanity Fair at 7:50 this evening entitled “‘Everybody Knew’: Inside the Fall of Today’s Matt Lauer.” So there you have it. We went from total shock and nobody knowing anything about anyone to learning that “everyone knew.”

I hate to say it, but all I can really think of right now is “Who’s next?” 

Who is going to be the next man to be brought down because he acted like a disgusting, entitled pig? 

These are crazy days we are living in…



But let’s end this day on a positive note for The Today Show. 

I was just on Amazon looking at toys for my kids (what else?) and happened upon an image that said “Today Toy Drive.”

I clicked on it, and it’s a wish list of toys that Today is collecting for needy and homeless children.

So if you want to do some good, check out their wish list in the middle of this page, put one of the items in your cart, and it will be shipped directly to the toy drive. 

Happy holidays!

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