About Me

Hi! I’m Lindsay.

If you found my blog because you were looking for discussions about parenting, wine, or reality TV then YAY! You’ve come to the right place.

If you found my blog because you are one of the dozens of dirty old men googling “naughty mommies” and accidentally stumbling on my site each day, well, you may be disappointed. There are no pornographic pics or sex tapes to be found here (that I am aware of…although my husband did lose a memory card with our honeymoon photos on them on the plane ride home but so far that hasn’t been an issue).

A good portion of my blog focuses on “mom stuff.” I have three kids: a daughter born in 2011 plus two sons born in 2013 and 2015.

I also have a husband, but you probably won’t find him pictured on here…he prefers to stay out of this insane limelight that comes with being a wildly successful mommy blogger. (And in case you’re wondering, he is not a hideous troll with warts all over his face. He has actually gotten voted “Hottest Husband” of all my friends’ husbands in an extremely unofficial poll.)

I love my kids and I love my husband, but…they aren’t the center of my universe. (That would be Bravo. Or Adam Levine. Or Norman Reedus. JK. Not JK. But mostly JK. Or am I?)

There are so many other pieces to my puzzle: I am a sister, friend, reader, and writer. I enjoy drinking wine and running, but not at the same time. I love most shows on Bravo, especially the Real Housewives. My favorite authors are Liane Moriarty, Elin Hilderbrand, Emily Giffin, David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, Jonathan Franzen, Sarah Healy, and John Irving. I am originally from New Jersey but I now live in Virginia, about an hour outside of Washington, D.C. I went to Lehigh University in PA for my Bachelor’s Degree in English.

I get asked frequently why my blog is called The Naughty Mommy.

When I became a mom, I tried to do it perfectly– breastfeeding, making my own baby food, finding weekly age-appropriate activities for my newborn…you get the picture.

I wanted to be that image of The Perfect Mommy that is so prevalent in today’s society…for which I blame Pinterest.

Pinterest makes us feel like shit if we don’t throw our kid a DIY Frozen-themed birthday party with an ice palace cake that we baked ourselves.

Also, I am convinced that approximately 2% of the people on Pinterest are actually making the recipes and crafts, while the rest of us are more like this:

I made that someecard myself. Because it’s true!

But I’m okay with that fact. I don’t mind admitting that while I do still aim for perfection, I often fall short. So while I may do a Pinterest craft with my kids once in a blue moon, it’s more likely that I will spend a morning pinning the crafts I’ll never do while my kids watch TV.

And if I get together with my girlfriends for a play date? You can most likely find us enjoying some wine and gossiping while our kids run wild.


Also, I’m not ashamed to admit that the best part of most of my days is when my kids go to bed.

So does that make me a Bad Mommy?

Some would say yes, but I just like to think of it as being a Naughty Mommysurviving motherhood while taking the time to stop and smell the rosé.

Now that we have that covered…still here?

Good. Here’s what you can expect as a reader of my blog:

  • Tales of my parenting successes (and any tips I have) and failures
  • Reviews/giveaways of products that I think would be of interest to my readers
  • Thoughts on Real Housewives and other shows I watch, like The Bachelor/etteThe Walking Dead, and Big Brother
  • Posts about trying to eat healthy, be a committed runner, and get my kids to eat their fruits and veggies…a difficult task when I LOVE things like french fries and pizza
  • Good deals I find on stuff I actually buy…like if Zulily is having a sale on Frozen toys or Vistaprint is doing its 140 labels for $4.99 shipped deal
  • Book recommendations and my reading lists, i.e. wishful thinking of the stack of books I’d like to read
  • And more! I say that because there are always going to be posts that I write that don’t fit exactly into this list

One of my most popular series of posts was The Melissa Gorga Experiment, in which I followed the rules from Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga’s marriage handbook for one month. That was an experiment that was eye-opening for me and fun for my readers. Check it out!

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And that’s me in 1,000 words or less!

Thanks for following me along in my journey and cheers to all the moms out there doing the best they can. I think we all deserve a drink. Or three.



To contact me, please email: Lindsay@TheNaughtyMommy.com