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A Perfect Day for a Picnic

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JJ Cole 6

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.This post is sponsored by JJ Cole. All opinions are my own.

I seriously don’t know what I was thinking when I got rid of my double stroller a few weeks ago.

Actually, I do know what I was thinking. I never use it. It’s cluttering up the garage. I’ll just get a new one if I need one.

Obviously I was not thinking clearly. But we were having a garage sale and the stroller was out and someone wanted it. So…I sold it.

JJ Cole 1

Fast-forward to this week when it’s suddenly perfect weather to go to the park. My daughter was at daycare for the morning, so I just had the two boys.

Now, my almost two-year-old son is not to be trusted around a street and cars, unless he’s being carried or buckled in a stroller. So it’s not like I could put the baby in a stroller and then have my older son walk and hold my hand on our way to the park. No.

I decided to put the baby in my new JJ Cole Agility Carrier and then put my older son in a stroller. Problem solved?

JJ Cole 2

It totally worked. And I should mention that I’m a newbie to wearing a baby in a carrier or wrap. I’ve just never felt comfortable with all the straps and directions, but this one was actually easy to use.

Plus, the baby seemed to like it. He felt secure and snug.

Yes, I am hugging him in these pictures, but my hands were free to use the entire time I had him in the carrier. (I just felt like hugging him and who can blame me?)

He stayed content being wrapped up for the entire walk to the park, which was about half a mile.

JJ Cole 3

Once we got to the park, we did one of my favorite activities to do with the kids– a picnic lunch. My kids think it’s so much fun, but they don’t realize that it actually makes Mommy’s life much easier for us to all eat our lunch outside. Less mess, less stress!

Every time we have a picnic, though, we struggle with what blanket we should use. A bedsheet blows away. A towel isn’t big enough.

JJ Cole 4

Let me just tell you that I am obsessed with this JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket.

It was huge (5 feet x 5 feet), so we could all sit on it and enjoy our lunch. It was pretty and matched the JJ Cole Blue Iris Backpack (and it comes in several other designs).

But my favorite feature of the blanket is that it’s made of a heavy outdoor fabric that doesn’t blow away on a windy day (which it was). Plus, it wipes clean if you have any spills or messes on it.

This product will definitely be on my must-have list for this summer. I can already see us using it at the pool and the beach.

JJ Cole 5

Everything we needed for the picnic fit in the backpack, which I wore with the shoulder strap. (I always prefer a shoulder bag to a backpack, even though I do appreciate the option to switch it up to a backpack if needed.)

Like the outdoor blanket, the backpack’s fabric is pretty and it wipes clean– a must-have feature on anything that is a baby-related product.

It comes with a changing pad inside, which is perfect for the diaper change when you’re out and about and don’t trust the supposedly sanitary changing station in the public restroom.

JJ Cole 7

There are also lots of compartments, which I like in a diaper bag. We packed lunch for me and my son, water bottles, diapers, wipes, change of clothes and blanket for the baby, and my camera in it.

Typically, I use a purse/diaper bag when I am out running errands, but for an activity like a picnic at the park or a beach day, a big diaper bag/backpack like this one is a must.

I would definitely recommend these products and I think any would make a nice new baby or baby shower gift, especially in the spring and summer months when it’s nice to be outside.

The JJ Cole Agility Carrier is available at Babies ‘R Us, buybuyBABY, Target, and Amazon.

The JJ Cole Blue Iris Backpack and Blue Iris Outdoor Blanket are both available at buybuyBABY.

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  • DSI
    May 21, 2015 at 10:26 AM

    What a lovley picnic! We’ve had lovely weather too! We don’t have parks like that, but we have beaches instead. I love days like this. Simple, sunny days where the kids take the lead and have hours of fun.

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