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9 Reasons Why Peter Should Be The Next Bachelor

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I provide nine reasons why Peter should be the next Bachelor.

So Rachel Lindsay has gone on the record stating that she thinks ALEX would be the best candidate for the next Bachelor. 


Oh, right. Alex.

Ummm….yeah right. He barely made an impression on this season. But nice try.

I see what you’re doing, Rachel. You don’t want Peter as your husband but you also don’t want anyone else to have him…especially in the highly-public arena of being ABC’s newest Bachelor. 

Well that is just not fair to the rest of us! You chose Bryan (and made the wrong choice, might I add!), so deal with it. 

And now we want Peter for our Bachelor…and we have nine reasons why!

9 Reasons Why Peter Should Be the Next Bachelor

1. He’s HOT. I mean, have you seen his Instagram

2. He loves kids. He’s always cuddling babies and playing with kids. See: Instagram, as mentioned above.

3. It will make Rachel 100% regret her decision to pick Bryan. HA! Sorry to keep coming down hard on Rachel but she totally screwed this one up. She chose a ring over a real relationship. 

4. He is ready for love. Peter was probably the most genuine guy on the show this season. He didn’t appear to have any ulterior motives, he was serious, he was thoughtful, and he didn’t make decisions on impulse. Ultimately this left him heartbroken and we ladies love to fix a heartbroken guy, am I right??

5. He won’t propose just to propose. Ahem. Like we keep saying, Peter is in this for the long haul. He wants his ring to be forever. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they all say that, BUT he was the first one who lost the gig over it. So we know he meant it!

6. He’s proving that gaps in teeth are cool. Okay so fine, maybe Rachel did that, too, but the more the merrier when it comes to representing this oft-overlooked population!


#FlashbackFriday to babyfaces and summer tans. Love coming across these oldies😄

A post shared by Peter J Kraus (@peterkrauswi) on

7. I have the perfect candidate for him…No, it’s not me! But I’m flattered you thought that. It’s actually my friend. Her name is Claire and she’d be perfect for him. She’s a model, an actress, a life coach, and an all-around amazing person. And guess what? SHE’S GOING TO APPLY FOR THE SHOW. #TeamClaire

8. He’s a fitness trainer so maybe he could give us some good mom workouts that we can do while simultaneously watching The Bachelor and drinking wine. Arm curls with wine bottles, you say? 

9. He has that twinkle in his eye. Have you ever met a person who has a twinkle in his eye? You’ll know it when you see it. Peter has it. It’s just this tiny little sign that he is sexy, mischievous, and overall AMAZING. Dean also has it and so does Kenny…both of whom would also be fine choices!

But guess what? If Dean and Kenny show up on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, there is likely no hope they would end up as the Bachelor.

Just sayin’…

Put on ABC tonight for the season premiere of the wildest, craziest, drunkest summer show around…Bachelor in Paradise! 

And check out the Bachelor in Paradise Drinking Game!

Images courtesy of ABC and Instagram.

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