9 Best Things About Back to School

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Here are my favorite things about the back-to-school season!

Here in Virginia we started school last week, but I know a lot of other people are just starting up this week or next. 

The back to school season can come with a lot of stress and anxiety, so I am trying to remind myself of all the good things about this time of year.

(Other than the fact that it’s time to switch over from my trusty Sauvignon blancs to Chardonnays for the cooler weather. Or it would be if I wasn’t in the midst of a thirty day break from drinking.)

Here are the nine best things about heading back to school!

9 Best Things About Back to School

1. FREE TIME. I guess this only applies if you’re a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom, but your kids are now out of your hair during the school hours for the next nine months or so. Yahoo!

2. Secretly picking up school supplies for yourself under the guise that you “need them.” Am I the only one who does this? I kind of have an obsession with school/office supplies. Picking out my supplies was my favorite part of school as a kid. As an adult, I still find myself wanting to buy mechanical pencils, new notebooks, calendars, Post-Its, etc. It’s kind of a problem. 

3. Earlier bedtimes. “Sorry, it’s a school night!” No more staying up late just because it’s summer. Gotta get ’em in bed by 7:00, because Mama has her shows to watch!

4. Weekends seem like weekends again. When you think about it, summer is just one never-ending weekend. Every day is expected to be “fun.” Saturday and Sundays were no different than Monday through Friday, with the exception that my husband was home to add to the people I had to feed and clean up after. Now the weekend is actually a break from the work/school week.

5. Fall weather! Finally. It’s jeans weather and I can stop shaving my legs!

6. NO MORE POOL. Halle-freakin-lujah! Every year I think, Maybe this is the year I can relax just a LITTLE bit at the pool. Nope. Not happening. Maybe next year? I’m still hoping…

7. Someone else gets to deal with your little darlings all day long. I’m hoping the teachers have some good discipline techniques because mine sure aren’t working! Maybe the school will get my kids to eat their lunches, stop fighting, and clean up after themselves.

8. Back to school clothes-shopping! Sure, the clothes you’re supposed to be shopping for are mainly for your kids, but while you’re there…I mean, it would be silly to NOT pick up a few new things for yourself, right?

9. Your kids MIGHT just be happy to see you at the end of the day…and vice versa. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so I’ve heard…nothing like a big hug from your kids when they walk through the door! 

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  • Mimi
    August 29, 2017 at 3:42 AM

    Lindsay, I just stumbled on your blog and you are hilarious! I am a Sauvignon Blanc girl too, and I am obsessed with the Real Housewives. Good luck with your 30-day break. It’ll get easier after the first week. I can totally relate to enjoying my wine at night, while watching Housewives! Can’t wait to read your book!

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