7 Reasons Why You’ll LOVE Boxed

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Have you tried Boxed yet? 


For several years now, Amazon Prime has been my baby– my love, my savior, my daily companion.

Prime has saved my butt when I run out of diapers, or have a kid’s birthday party in two days, or need some puffy sticker books to entertain my kids when I bring them to a winery on the weekend.

But there’s a big thing that Prime is missing…bulk items.

As a result, we ended up joining Costco this year. And while Costco is great, it is a good 30-minute drive from my house and it doesn’t open until 10:00 AM. Ugh. Also, we never manage to get out of there without spending a few hundred dollars.

One of my friends mentioned that she buys bulk items from Boxed, which is both a website and a mobile app.

She couldn’t stop raving about it, so finally I tried it.

Not only is it an awesome shopping experience, but Boxed is one of those companies that makes you smile.

It’s CEO, Chieh Huang, announced in May that the company would contribute $20,000 to the weddings of its employees. This is in addition to paying for the college tuitions of all of its employees’ children.

AND it recently did away with the “pink tax,” a practice of charging women a higher price for a product than its male equivalent product, like razors or deodorant.

Check out this list and don’t be surprised if you’re heading off to place an order today!

7 Reasons Why I LOVE Boxed

1. No membership fee. I groan when I have to pay Costco’s $55 membership fee. $55 each year? Really? Boxed has no membership fee. None.

2. Fast, free delivery. Shipping is free on your first order, no matter how little you spend. After that, free shipping applies to orders $65 and over…which you will most likely spend when you are ordering bulk items. And orders come in two business days!

3. Only the best items. Boxed has all my favorites: Terra vegetable chips, Quaker Real Medleys oatmeal cups, Tate’s Bake Shop chocolate-chip cookies, Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products, and this gem, which I haven’t seen anywhere else…

THE POLAR SELTZER WINTER VARIETY PACK!! 12 one-liter bottles in four varieties of flavors for $9.99: Winter Citrus & Berry, Cranberry Cider, Pink Peach Bellini, and Tart Cherry & Lime.


4. Free samples. You get to choose free samples of products with each order. I got two packets of coconut oil and a Quaker oatmeal sample with my latest order.

5. Great prices on bulk items. The bottom line is if the prices aren’t good, I won’t shop there. Boxed has high-quality products at competitive prices, plus the convenience of not having to leave your home.

6. My kids play in the box. This was an unexpected bonus, but the huge Boxed box that held all my goodies has ended up as a playhouse in our toy room.


7. Mobile app makes it easy. Running out of toilet paper? Add it to your cart in the Boxed app. Being able to shop on your cell phone or tablet is huge.

Still not enough to convince you to check out Boxed?

How about this bonus– refer a friend to Boxed using your specific link and that friend gets $15 off their first order and YOU get $15 credit!

That’s pretty amazing. Here is my link if you want to check it out.

Happy Boxed shopping!

*I have no affiliation with Boxed. I am sharing purely because I love it so much!*

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  • Kate
    November 1, 2016 at 9:40 AM

    ooh I’m going to have to try this! I’ll make sure to use your link if I do!

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