5 Ways to Help Fight Hunger

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Every little bit helps in the fight against hunger. Do your part this month!


One of the main reasons why my kids not eating their meals bothers me is because they don’t realize how lucky they are to have food on their plates. I tell them this every night, but at ages five, three, and one, I’m not sure they get it yet.

Unfortunately, for 13.1 million children in the United States, living in a food insecure house is something they have to “get,” because it’s their reality.

I was happy to hear that my daughter’s elementary school offers assistance to families needing food on the weekends. All I have to do to help is drop food off at the school.

I also received a collection envelope from my local food pantry in the mail today stating that even $1 can help provide food for four meals. Every little bit helps!

Since September is Hunger Action Month, philanthropy expert and founder of e-giving site Lisa Tomasi is offering her tips to fight hunger…now or any month of the year!

5 Ways to Help Fight Hunger During Hunger Action Month

1. Advocate. Use your voice to spread the word about hunger in your community. Social media has made this quite easy to do. Alert your online community that we are in the midst of Hunger Action Month and about the plight of the hungry in their own backyards. Share quotes and statistics about hunger and ask them to support their local hunger relief organization.

2. Volunteer. Most food banks, pantries and soup kitchens rely on volunteers to make their operations work. Volunteers can sort donations, stock shelves and help with distribution. Volunteers can also frequently help from home in the form of virtual volunteering. Contact your local hunger relief organization to see if you can utilize your specific skills to help them with business operations like accounting, marketing, website and administration.

3. Run a food drive. You can really increase your impact by organizing your own food drive. Food drives run in conjunction with your company, school, church or group tend to have the best results. And, always add an online component to your traditional drive (or run your online drive alone). Use to run an online drive for your local food pantry. The online drive service is free to use, easy to share on social media, and simple for supporters to shop online for brand-new most-needed food items which are shipped directly to the pantry at the close of the drive.

4. Donate money. Hunger relief organizations need monetary donations to operate. Any size donation will be welcomed.

5. Donate food. Don’t just walk by the donation bin at your school, store or company. Make a point to donate food whenever the opportunity arises.

For more information on the hunger problem in America, check out FeedingAmerica.

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5 ways to help fight hunger

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