5 Tips to Have a Better Morning Tomorrow

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5 Tips to Have a Better Morning Tomorrow

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I have found that how the morning goes will shape my entire day.

If I skip my workout or am rushed getting my daughter off to school, I get frantic. Then I get irritable. Then I yell. Then no one’s happy and the whole family’s day is off to a rocky start, thanks to me.

Because of course, as the saying goes…

If Mama ain't happy

And once I’m set off in a bad mood, the day is shot (in my mind). Then I’m like, Well I guess I should just eat donuts and yell at the kids all day long. Since the day is already ruined and all!

So I have been trying really hard to have better mornings and start everyone off on the right foot, because my beach body doesn’t need any more donuts at the moment.

Today went well, possibly because my husband was only up for about thirty minutes before he left for work. Minimal A.M. interactions between us on a Monday morning = minimal fighting. 

To achieve these happier, calmer, and more productive mornings, here are my 5 Tips to Have a Better Morning Tomorrow…

1. Get up earlier. This one’s hard, because it might require going to bed earlier the night before. But I find that waking up on my own terms makes a big difference in my attitude. My kids’ wake-up times are wildly unpredictable at this point in time. But if I intentionally get up at 5:00 A.M., I can usually count on at least an hour of alone time before one of them wakes up. And if one of them wakes up right after me? Well, I tried! I can still turn on some morning cartoons and log some computer time on my laptop. 

2. Accomplish your most important task. What is your priority in the morning? Is it finishing a cup of coffee without someone interrupting you? Getting a quick run in? Watching the show you DVRd last night? Whatever it is, do it. You will be starting the day off by accomplishing whatever your #1 priority is. For me, I like to get in a short run (whatever I have time for– usually only 1 or 2 miles on a weekday) AND get a shower. This makes me feel productive, energized, and happy. You have to figure out what will do that for you and then make that a priority.

3. Read something positive. If you’re a religious person, maybe you like to read the Bible each morning. Personally, I try to read a parenting article to encourage me to deal with my kids in a better way than getting frustrated and yelling. One of my favorite parenting websites is Aha! Parenting, by Dr. Laura Markham. She offers helpful advice on everything from feeding your toddler to using a pacifier. Her advice even extends up through the teen years! Or you can read a quick chapter in that book you’re struggling to finish. Anything that offers you a bit of encouragement or entertainment before you start your busy day.

4. Have a routine. This helps you and your family know what is expected in the morning. Predictability is comforting. If you plan out the routine of coffee, workout, make breakfast, make lunches, get dressed, then you will know how your morning is supposed to unfold each day. 

5. Take the “Makeover Your Mornings” eCourse and learn how to rejuvenate your morning routine. 

Crystal Paine is a mom of three and the voice behind Money Saving Mom. She has a lot on her plate, but seemingly finds the time to do it all successfully. I loved her books Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and The Money Saving Mom’s Budget which is why I am so excited to take her Make Over Your Mornings eCourse. 

Make Over Your Mornings is a two-week online course that shows you how to be intentional about the first two hours of your day. Each day of the course there is a 3-5 minute video to watch, a short chapter to read from the workbook, and a short project to complete that will take you no more than about 15 minutes total. Miss a day? Do it when you can. It’s designed to be done at your own pace.

What are your tips for having a better morning?

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  • Sarah
    June 1, 2015 at 1:47 PM

    Minimal Interactions = Minimal Fighting in our house too!!

    • Lindsay
      June 1, 2015 at 3:42 PM

      It’s my key to marital success 😉

  • lindsey @
    June 1, 2015 at 2:11 PM

    Wow 5am! How do you do it? Is your baby sleeping through the night? Maybe I need to go to bed earlier bc i do agree its nice to have alone time in the am!

    • Lindsay
      June 1, 2015 at 3:43 PM

      I don’t honestly do it enough, but I try. It usually works best if the baby wakes up at 5:00 to eat, then I feed him and put him back down, and I stay up. And NO he stopped sleeping through the night and has been getting up 1-2x per night. If it’s a rough night, I DEFINITELY just sleep in.

  • Margie
    June 9, 2015 at 10:34 PM

    I agree with the list. One thing that really helped us was to avoid negative people. We noticed that being with negative people all day, whether at work or relatives comes back into the home and transfers to the way we talk with each other and treat one another.

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