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I’m feeling inspired on this lovely Saturday morning!

Good morning everyone!

I am feeling inspired on this Saturday morning, and in a week that has been filled with so much despair, I thought I’d better get all my thoughts down before they go away.

It certainly is not a convenient time for me to be feeling inspired to write a blog post RIGHT NOW, at 7:21 A.M. on a weekend morning.

Various children of mine woke me up at various points of the night, so I’m tired. (But aren’t we always tired?)

I discovered that pink eye had spread to a second child when my two-year-old woke up with not one but TWO crusty, goopy eyes this morning. 

And it is now 8:55 A.M. 

Not feeling quite as motivated and inspired anymore (my coffee is wearing off), but I’m going to plunge forward in the fifteen minutes I have before leaving for the doctor’s office.

Okay. So.

I stumbled upon a video series by one of my favorite people, Glennon Doyle, this morning. 

Glennon is the inspirational figure behind the website Momastery. She is sober, she is Jesus-y, she is politically involved, and she helps people.

I have read all her books and I am always in awe of the good she does in the world. 

I found her Glennon’s new video series on Facebook called “Coffee & Revolution.” It’s a weekly series and the first installment is called “How to Turn Your Pain Into Power.”

I highly recommend listening to it, but the gist was…

When we or someone we know is in pain, our instinct is to numb it or fix it immediately.

Think about the last time you had a friend who was grieving. Did you write a card or text with a message like “It will get better” or “Your loved one wouldn’t want you to be sad”?

I’m sure that I have done that. Saying things like that is just what seems right.

But maybe that isn’t the solution. Maybe we need to sit in our grief and feel the pain. Learn from it.

She recommends saying to anyone feeling sad or hurt, “Tell me more.”

Don’t try to fix it. Just listen and let them feel their pain.

I have a friend who just lost a family member and honestly, I’ve been avoiding calling her because I wasn’t sure what the right thing to say was. 

Now I know that I need to just call and be there for her. Nothing I can say will make it any better, so I’m hoping “Tell me more” will be a comfort.

I’m sure I’m not explaining it as well as Glennon did, so check out the video. I’m looking forward to watching the rest in the series.

The second thing that really got me thinking and perhaps not “inspired” me, but maybe challenged me was an article I read (where else?) on Facebook.

It is called “Thoughts on Vegas, And Why Men Keep Doing This” and it is written by Charlie Hoehn (author of several books about the importance of play). 

Up until reading this article, my mind had been focused on gun control when I thought “What do we do now?” following Las Vegas.

It seemed like the most obvious solution. 

I will state that I fully respect a mentally stable American’s right to own a firearm. Keep it locked in your house, away from kids, and I don’t have a problem.

What I do have a problem with is people owning guns that are weapons of war. Guns designed to kill multiple people in seconds. 

I just don’t understand why anyone needs a weapon like that. 

Also, I realize that making stricter gun laws might not directly stop a mass shooting.

But I think there is the potential that having stricter gun laws could help chip away at the current gun culture in our society, thus having a long-term, indirect effect on mass shootings. (More on that topic in a later post.)

So that is where my mind was at regarding Las Vegas and all the mass shootings. And then I read Hoehn’s article.

Hoehn acknowledges at the outset that yes, guns and the availability of them do play a role in the shootings. Duh.

But there is also a big piece of the puzzle we are failing to see and that has to do with the emotional state of men in today’s society.

I read it and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. 

I think Hoehn’s hypothesis speaks to not only the problem of mass shootings, but also the rise in teen suicides and bullying.

I urge you to read this article. I think it is SO important, especially if you’re a parent.

Read it. 

If you’re wondering why I felt energized or inspired by this article, it’s because it finally feels like we can do something about this problem. We can change how we raise our males.

It’s a step in the right direction, at least.

And finally, I really really like my new coffee mug (as seen in the picture above).

A few days ago I got two mint-colored mugs from Target’s clearance section and the color just makes me happy.

Even though I have to hear the inevitable “WHY DID YOU BUY MORE COFFEE MUGS?!” comment from my husband.


I started writing this post yesterday but it is now Sunday late morning (and we have added one more pink eyeball and two ear infections to our plate), so enjoy your Sunday and the long holiday weekend.

I hope you find things that inspire YOU today. We all need a little happiness these days!

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