17 Things to Look Forward to in 2017

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Don’t be down, here are 17 things to look forward to in 2017!


2016, the year that everyone seemed to hate, is over.

And while you still may be in a funk because a certain someone is going to be our President in a few weeks, don’t despair.

You still have plenty to maybe/hopefully/probably look forward to in 2017. 

17 Things to Look Forward to in 2017

1. The Bachelor premiere on January 2, starring Nick Viall. I have been waiting for Nick to be the Bachelor ever since I laid eyes on him in Andi Dorfman’s season. This is going to be a good one. Check out 15 Gems from The Bachelor Contestants’ Profiles to get a preview of the ladies.

2. Star Wars: Episode VIII drops at the end of 2017 but still counts as something to look forward to in the next year.

3. The Mick premieres tonight on Fox. If you are a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, this is a show for you.

4. Women’s March on Washington. January 21, 2017. Washinton, D.C. Be there. I will!

5. The end of Kimye? If there’s any truth to the rumors, I could see this marriage being one of the first to crumble this year…and hopefully the Kardashian family’s hold on the media will go with it.

6. More Hatchimals arriving in stores! Do kids even still want them?

7. The suspense of WHO WILL BRAD PITT’S FIRST POST-ANGELINA GIRLFRIEND BE??? Leave your suggestions below. I’m almost positive he reads this.

8. Super Bowl 51. Even if you’re not into football, Super Bowl is a fun day. The food. The halftime show (Gaga!). The commercials.

9. The Walking Dead returning. If you know me, much of my life is just spent waiting for Walking Dead episodes.

10. The collapse of Scientology due to Leah Remini’s book and TV series. You can file this under Wishful Thinking But Could Still Happen in 2017.

11. Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray breaking up. Count on it.

12. Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, all year long.

13. A royal engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? 

14. Drones. They may even be delivering your pizza soon. And as someone who lives in an area where NO ONE DELIVERS, I’ll take it!

15. Solar panels are now cheaper than fossil fuels. Ummm this list item came from my dorky (but lovable!) husband. He says this is yuge. According to this article, renewable energy is now both commercially viable and a compelling investment. Yay for the environment! Yay for saving money!


16. Summer! Hot weather and some cold Pinot Grig make everything seem brighter. Things only seem dreary now because it’s cold, gray, and we are all lacking in Vitamin D.

17. A clean slate– a whole year of 365 days of fresh starts to make this year AMAZING. No matter who’s the President!

Happy New Year!

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  • Laura Styler
    January 21, 2017 at 8:39 AM

    I absolutely LOVE reading anything she writes! She’s funny, truthful, and doesn’t seem to sugarcoat anything which is refreshing. I only wish she maybe didn’t have 3 kids and that’s just cause I’m selfish and want to read more of her work and having 3 kids might prevent that but again I’m selfish! Can’t wait for something else to come out!

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