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15 Gems from The Bachelor Contestants’ Profiles

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Let’s meet The Bachelor contestants for the new season, shall we?

The Bachelor Contestants

Lots of tattoos and lots of ladies who would be a either a dolphin or Olivia Pope if they could.

Seems like a pretty typical bunch of The Bachelor contestants to me!

I pored through their profiles on ABC’s website so you don’t have to. Here’s what I found out…

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15 Gems from The Bachelor Contestants’ Profiles

1. Alexis is an aspiring dolphin trainer. I thought working with dolphins and killer whales was kind of a “not cool profession” after Blackfish. No? In any event, if she is only “aspiring” to be that, how does she fill her days– cutting out pictures of dolphins and pasting them on her vision board? Sidenote: fake eyelashes are on her list of five things she can’t live without.

2. Angela likes to lick the popcorn bag. I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds delicious!

3. If Astrid could be any animal, she would be a dolphin so she could rescue lost sailors. Another thing I haven’t heard of– dolphins rescuing sailors.

The Bachelor Contestants-- Astrid

4. Just when you think you’ve seen all the different possible ways to spell “Kristen,” you meet Christen.

5. If Danielle L. could be any animal, she would be a fox because they are “responsive.” Hmmph.

6. Two of the girls (Corinne and Danielle M.) are in the process of having their tattoos removed. After a season’s worth of time spent pondering why why why Kaitlyn Bristowe had those huge arm tats, I will take this as a sign that we are headed in the right direction as a nation.

7. Dominique mentions Chipotle in two separate answers in her bio.

8. Elizabeth/Liz filled in the statement “If I never had to _______, I’d be very happy” with “kill someone.” Ummm…is she concerned that this may be a possibility in her life? This answer frightens me.

The Bachelor Contestants-- Elizabeth/Liz

9. Elizabeth/Liz also likes to pick her nose while driving. It’s her guilty pleasure. At least she’s honest!

10. Hailey’s favorite author is Dr. Seuss, which makes her reading ability questionable, to say the least.

11. Another one who potentially can’t read: Ida Marie. When asked what her favorite book was, she said “I need to read more books.” When asked who her favorite author was, she said “Again, I need to read more books.” Yikes. On the bright side, if she could be any fruit she would be a strawberry because they are “sexual,” so…

12. At least Jasmine B. (yes, there are TWO Jasmines) has a favorite author and his name is Steve Harvey. Who knew Steve Harvey wrote books?! Well, he does, and I’m kind of surprised at the genre.

The Bachelor Contestants-- Jasmine B.

13. Lauren’s occupation is Law School Graduate. That is not an occupation.

14. Oh dear– Taylor’s favorite clothing designer is Forever 21.

15. I could be wrong but I believe the question “How much do you enjoy the theater?” is in reference to actual plays. Whitney’s response was that she likes going to movies but also likes to rent them.

Tune in to The Bachelor premiere Monday night at 8:00 P.M. on ABC.

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Images courtesy of ABC Media.

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