10 Worst Things About Thanksgiving

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Misery loves company, so let’s discuss the worst things about Thanksgiving!


Dreading Thanksgiving this year?

Maybe you’re spending the holiday without your loved ones. Maybe you hate having a houseful of people to feed. Maybe you’re staying with your unbearable in-laws.

Whatever your situation is, I hope this list makes you chuckle a bit.

And remember– it could always be worse. You could be a turkey.

10 Worst Things About Thanksgiving

1. Like I said, if you’re a turkey, this is kind of obvious. Rest in peace, my deliciously crispy friend.

2. Traffic. Which is the best day to travel? What route should we take? And while traffic by itself is infuriating, it can always be made worse by: A) the presence of children in the car, B) being hungry, and C) a driver with horrific taste in music. Not like I know about any of those things. I’ve just heard from others.

3. Arguments about politics. This is something that could potentially happen any year, but this year is just going to be dangerous. You have been warned.

4. Being sober. In my mind, Thanksgiving is a drinking holiday. Red wine, Bailey’s on the rocks, a spiked cider punch…the possibilities to get drunk on this holiday are endless. So when you can’t drink because you’re taking a break or you’re pregnant or you’re driving home later, well, that just blows.

5. Football. Sure, if the Giants were playing I’d be excited. But they aren’t. And do we really need THREE football games on Thanksgiving?! What is on for those who don’t like football– Frosty the Snowman? I’d like to suggest that Bravo air an old-school Real Housewives of New York marathon. Like Season 1 with Jill Zarin and Alex McCord. I think lots of ladies would be on board with that.

6. The same questions, over and over again. Seeing people once a year means they always ask you the same questions. If you’re single, it’s Do you have a boyfriend? When are you getting married? You’re not getting any younger! If you’re married, it’s Aren’t you going to have kids? When are you having another kid? Shouldn’t you stop your kid from climbing on the table and eating all the desserts? 

7. What to wear? Holiday attire is always a crapshoot. If you’re like me, you’re not going anywhere fancy, you’re just going to someone’s house. But there’s a tendency to want to get dressed up because it’s the holidays!!! So you either wear a nice dress and look way out of place amidst a sea of jeans and yoga pants, or you opt for casual and look like a slob in front of your better-dressed relatives.

8. You’re totally going to blow your diet. Trying to eat healthy this time of year is a bad idea, especially on Thanksgiving, which has all the delicious food on one table: turkey, stuffing, cornbread, green beans, pumpkin pie, cookies, etc. The diet starts tomorrow!

9. If you’re hosting…the grocery bill and the clean-up. Hopefully you’ve learned to have others bring food to cut down on your expenses, and hopefully some of your kinder guests will offer to do some dishes instead of just pass out on the couch.

10. The end of Thanksgiving officially signals the beginning of your children asking “How many days until Christmas?” over and over and over and over…


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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