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10 Thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise Thus Far

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My thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise about halfway through the season…

We were hit with the devastating news that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi called it quits this week.

I know, I know…you were shocked. 

I actually was shocked, probably because I have an unhealthy obsession with Nick and I could have SWORN he was in it for the right reasons and really followed his heart this time. 

Luckily we had good ol’ Bachelor in Paradise to distract us. And boy do I have a lot to say about what has transpired thus far!

10 Thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise Thus Far

1. Lacey is annoying. She seems to have this attitude like she is the only woman in Paradise who deserves to “get” the guy of her choosing. Love is a two-way street, sister. The guy has to like you back. Diggy didn’t. And I’m not convinced Daniel does either. Speaking of Daniel…

2. Daniel is a jerk. I hated Daniel when he was on The Bachelorette. But then he redeemed himself on Bachelor in Paradise last summer. I don’t know why he is acting so weird this time around, but I mean, he was rude to Lacey and he’s coming off like a huge creepy jerk. Get it together, Daniel!

3. Clearly, Matt left because he was afraid of what would happen if he didn’t give Jasmine his rose. And also afraid of what would happen if he DID give Jasmine his rose, which, SPOILER ALERT– he did. But then he left right after. (Because he was afraid of the wrath of Jasmine.)

4. Kristina is oblivious. Kristina. Babe. Whatever you had with Dean is O-V-E-R. You can fool yourself all you want that since you got his rose, that means he chooses you. But what it really means is that Dean must have known beforehand that Ben Z. was giving D-Lo the rose, so he didn’t have to. P.S. Ben Z. is super hot and it’s unfortunate that he can’t hold a conversation that is not about his dog.

5. Taylor is the worst. One of my friends actually likes Taylor. I do not. I find her to be whiny and over-dramatic. Oh she’s really going to break up with Derek over a fight that wasn’t even a fight? Give me a break. Also does she own any other suits besides that white one-piece? 

6. Diggy perspires a lot. And where was Diggy this week? Are him and Dominique still together? We wouldn’t know because the producers didn’t show the two of them AT ALL.

7. WHO DARES A GUY TO GET A BONER?! Is Kristina, like, secretly a 15-year-old? What was up with that? And you know exactly who Dean was picturing when she asked him to do that, right? D-to-the-Lo.

8. The tale of ol’ Scallop Fingers. It is a real shame that Alexis left. Production should have given her a pity rose just because she is the best, funniest thing about Paradise. Hearing her recount Christen’s scallop story was amazing. Although, to be honest, I do feel that they took it a bit far. I felt bad for Christen after a little while. 

9. Wells. If Alexis is Paradise’s M.V.P., then Wells is the runner-up. His puppet shows are hysterical. Also, let’s discuss– Wells is super-hot, yet seemingly has zero game. I’ve been trying to come up with a girl who I think is perfect for him. I don’t think it’s Danielle (the Danielle that left). How about Kristina??

10. The Corinne Interview. I found this interview to be totally missing the mark. Chris Harrison had a huge opportunity in front of him, yet he left several obvious questions unanswered. My first question is, Why did Corinne say she was single when she arrived in Paradise, because after leaving the show she said she had a boyfriend at home the whole time? My second question is, Why did a member of production file that complaint? What is that person’s story in all of this? I was glad that at least Corinne said that she didn’t fault DeMario for anything. 

Scenes from the next few weeks look amazing, as usual. Of course, they lead us to believe that D-Lo gets sent home by someone after confessing she is falling in love with him. 


Image courtesy of ABC.

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