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10 Things About Bravo This Week

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A Hot Cup of Reali-Tea

Have you recovered enough from your Thanksgiving food coma to be able to stomach hearing not one, but two, Real Housewives of Atlanta talk about how gross their feet are?

Me neither.

For this week’s “A Hot Cup of Reali-Tea,” we’re doing it list-style.

Here are 10 Things About Bravo This Week…

10. If your feet are deformed, ugly, or smell bad and you are one of the Real Housewives, I don’t need to know about it. You are supposed to be glamorous. Next time, Claudia, just say that you have enough shoes. End of story. No need to say “I can’t take off my shoes because my feet are hideously ugly.”

9. And then Cynthia chimes in that she can’t take her shoes off because she doesn’t have a pedicure. If not having a pedicure stopped me from shoe shopping, well…I’d never go shoe shopping. Which I don’t.

8. My greatest fear came true this week. It was a Katie-centric episode of Vanderpump Rules. Did Katie really motorboat some guy’s crotch? And to echo Stassi…is that a thing? I don’t really care, although I am hoping for whichever answer means that she no longer appears on my TV screen each week.

7. Kathy Hilton looked…youthful on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week. She was certainly vocal about Brooke’s wedding dress, although I’m not sure I’d trust fashion advice from someone who raised Paris Hilton to be Paris Hilton. Still, gotta love when Kathy shows up on Bev Hills. She breezes in, acts snooty, then breezes out. Love her!

6. Did you watch Bravo’s new show Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce? I did not, but I am willing to give it a chance if I catch it on again. I do love me some Lisa Edelstein (the main actress) from House. Plus I’m curious to see what Bravo does with a non-reality show.

5. It still weirds me out to have Eileen Davidson as a newcomer on RHOBH. She has been on my soap The Young & The Restless for so long, that I only view her as Ashley Abbott (her character). I was surprised that she came off as a bit snotty and bitchy in her first confessionals and appearance last night.

4. I can’t believe that Kandi’s “team” got angry about that meeting. From what we can see, all they do is sit around giggling and posting selfies on Instagram. I mean, really– Carmon is contributing to the success of the Kandi Factory Empire? I find that hard to believe. Good for Todd for stepping in to make sure his wife isn’t being taken advantage of.

3. Brandi calling Lisa back from Kyle’s phone on RHOBH? No. Next time, just wait until you get your own phone charged, because now Lisa’s pissed at Kyle, too. Just for being there for that awkward-as-hell phone call.

2. There are rumors that Bravo execs want to delay filming Real Housewives of New Jersey until Teresa is out of prison in 2016. This doesn’t surprise me, because she is the big draw right now. A season without her may be bland and filled with other Housewives talking about her. Lame.

1. Porsha. Is. So. Annoying. WHY IS SHE STILL ON THE SHOW SO MUCH?!

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