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10 Things About The Bachelor Last Night {Hometown Dates}

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Ain’t no dates like Hometown Dates!


Hometown Dates is one of the best episodes of the season, mainly because there are always some colorful characters to meet.

After abruptly sending Kristina home last week, there was no need for a Rose Ceremony and Nick told the four remaining girls that they would all be getting Hometown Dates…if they wanted them.

Which they did. Duh.

10 Things About The Bachelor Last Night

1. Life in Moxie, Arkansas. Where do I begin with Raven’s adorable hometown? “Mudding” is one of the activities one can expect to do on the weekends. I’m surprised they didn’t go cow-tipping after climbing up the grain container.

2. Raven is in love with Nick? I do not believe this. When have they had deep conversations or spoken about the future? They are like, maybe, on the level of having dated exclusively for six weeks.

3. Nick says the chemistry with Rachel is “the most explosive.” Again, I do not believe this. They seem like a perfectly lovely couple but he seems more hot and heavy with Corinne or Vanessa.


4. The race issue. I’m really glad that The Bachelor didn’t brush any race talk under the rug, because it’s important. Rachel took Nick to a predominantly black church, then they discussed interracial dating with her family. Not once, but several times. Sure, his answer seemed kind of rehearsed, but it felt sincere. I think?

5. Speaking of, do we love Rachel’s family or what?! “I can’t help but notice that you’re white,” starts Rachel’s brother-in-law. DYING. SO excited for Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette.

6. Of course Corinne plans a day of shopping for her Hometown Date. Also, I found Raquel to be a huge letdown and not just because she didn’t make any cheese pasta.


7. Nick’s reaction to Corinne saying “I love you” was way better than his reaction to Vanessa…sadly. So I get the vibe between Nick and Corinne. She is a fun, cool girlfriend to have. But long-term? I’m not feeling it. I don’t know that she’s ready to be a wife at this point. Can Nick even afford her?

8. Quite the contrast between a day in the life of Corinne and Vanessa, right?! Vanessa is like pure gold. The fact that she wasn’t chosen to be the next Bachelorette makes me think that she wins this season. Or maybe she gets second and is still heartbroken. We shall see.

9. Vanessa’s DAD. “Did you ask this question to all the other families?” BOOM. How has this never been asked before? What an amazing question. And I can’t believe he then went and gave his blessing. (Honorable mention for Best Family Member goes to Vanessa’s Seth-Green-lookalike-brother.)


10. Andi Dorfman? Really? Aren’t we past the point of stunts? Are we to believe that Andi really has something urgent to tell Nick and decided on her own to drop by when he was filming? Of course not. Andi– you’re better than this. How much did they pay you to do that?

Also, a P.S.A. for the producers of The Bachelor

Enough with the “To Be Continued” crap. Rose Ceremonies happen at the end of an episode and that is final.

Images courtesy of ABC.

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