7 Tips for Making Time for What You Love

7 Tips for Making Time for What You Love

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In the almost two years that I’ve been blogging, the question I get asked most often is “How do you find time to blog?”

The truth is, I really don’t ever “find” any time to do it. I have to create the time myself, or there would be no blogging (and my husband would be a whole lot happier, but that’s a tale for another time!).

First of all, I think people might assume that I spend more time writing a blog post than I actually do. However, once I have an idea in my mind, it is a very quick process for me to get those thoughts into a post. Maybe an hour, tops (depending on the subject matter, of course). [Read more...]

Weekend Reading: A Dysfunctional Family + Dinner Help


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This weekend I read two books– one an e-book that promised to give me some help getting dinner on the table quickly, and the second was This Is Where I Leave You, which also happens to be a movie that is currently playing in theaters.

Dinner 411 is an e-book that provides “tips and tricks so you can get dinner on the table for your busy family in 30 minutes or less.” It is written by Christina Hitchcock of It’s a Keeper, a blog with tons of tried and true recipes. [Read more...]

How to Wear Jeans to Work

Perfectly Polished

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Does your office do Casual Fridays?

Whether it does or doesn’t, try to get your workplace to participate in Lee National Denim Day next Friday!

Lee National Denim Day® 2014 kicks off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Friday, October 3.

Join the movement by wearing your jeans in exchange for $5 to help the American Cancer Society® finish the fight against breast cancer. [Read more...]

Fun Fridays Blog Giveaway Link-Up

Fall Giveaway Link Up Image

Happy Friday!

I’m hard at work compiling lists for my Holiday Gift Guides. Are there any particular people that are always difficult to shop for that you’d like to see a guide for? For me, it’s the guys.

Enjoy your weekend and good luck entering all the giveaways!


Who Won Big Brother?

A Hot Cup of Reali-Tea

I can’t believe I really even have to say this, but SPOILER ALERT! I will be discussing the Big Brother finale in this post.

I have been kind enough to put it at the end, just in case you accidentally open the post and didn’t want to see who won Big Brother.

Other than that, all we have to talk about is a less than juicy ep of RHONJ comprised of the travel day of the Florida trip plus some filler material courtesy of Jacqueline and Kathy. [Read more...]