It’s A…

Its a Boy Its A...

I had my twenty-week ultrasound this morning…everything is looking good and it’s a BOY! It was so funny– the technician said a minute into the exam, “I know what it is, I can see right now.”

And my husband interrupted her and goes, “Me too, it’s a girl!”

The technician goes, “Nope, it’s a boy!”

We are feeling so happy and blessed icon smile Its A...

7 Things NOT To Say To Your Wife When She Breaks Her Cell Phone

7 Things Not to Say to Your Wife When She Breaks Her Cell Phone 7 Things NOT To Say To Your Wife When She Breaks Her Cell Phone

Disclosure: Excuse the tone if I sound a bit bitchy here. I’m in pain from the tiny shards of broken glass in my fingertips. This post contains affiliate links. It also quite possibly contains fragments of broken glass that migrated from my fingers into cyberspace and onto your computer screen. 

A few days ago, I broke my cell phone screen.

I was out for a run with my son (in the jogging stroller) and my dog. I had my phone in the cup holder on the stroller’s handle. 

I don’t even remember if we hit a bump or the dog pulled me or what– all I remember is hearing the slap of the screen hitting the ground.  [Read more...]

Fun Fridays Blog Giveaway Link-Up

Fall Giveaway Link Up Image Fun Fridays Blog Giveaway Link Up

TODAY’S THE DAY! I find out the sex of the baby! It’s finally here! 

That’s all that has been occupying my brain this week. Stay tuned to find out if it’s a boy or a girl…

Amber’s Shirt

A Hot Cup of Reali Tea Ambers Shirt

This week was kind of light on the reality TV fodder. I guess it is right before all the new fall shows start, so there’s a dwindling supply of Housewives until RHOBH and RHOA come back.

Speaking of dwindling Housewives, I’ve been thinking lately about whether or not I’d welcome Bethenny back to RHONY

With Aviva gone, there’s a spot open. Bethenny’s talk show is cancelled, so it’s not like she has other stuff going on. Plus we know that she craves the spotlight, so even though she has previously denied she would ever come back to RHONY…I have to wonder if she would! [Read more...]

Going Home Again

house Going Home Again

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Yesterday I posted my favorite things about the fall season.

Another thing that fall (especially the Thanksgiving holiday) always reminds me of is going home from college. Reuniting with my high school friends after being away for a few months was always so exciting. 

And then you get older, move away, and that excitement is replaced with dread. (Or is that just me?) [Read more...]